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Thursday, May 29, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real} First edition

A fellow blogger started this creative blog theme. I thought I'd join in this week.
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Roses are one of my favorite flowers. How can you not think this is a picture of beauty? 

  This was FOR SURE a week she'll never forget. Turning 10 has been a dream of hers for the last 2 years.  She sure knows how to party! This picture makes me happy because it captures so well her 'moment'. She got her ears pierced and she was beside herself with happiness! She kept saying 'am I dreaming?' Mommy is happy when her kids are happy! This was one of those days- her 10th birthday- I will never forget...and I KNOW she won't either. 

  The look on her face cracks me up. We had a day last week when she and I were alone together. It was soooo much fun to have just her to focus on and I made sure to really focus on her. Asking her questions and listening to her 100%.  She is so totally 3 1/2 these days. Still such a little girl. Still trying to figure out our family rules and expectations AND at the same time growing up so very fast and longing to learn and grow. I love many stages of the kids' growing up, but this age is unique and super fun- most of the time. ; )

  This isn't a great picture taken with my phone, but it does capture a real moment in our week.  It's summer! The kids don't play much Wii at all during the school year- even on the weekends, but now that it's summer they are allowed more screen time once chores and summer work are finished.  Especially when it's raining the Wii is a great source of fun! This is REAL for us today.  

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