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Thursday, May 22, 2014


 Happy 10th Birthday, #3!!!!

You've been waiting for 'double digits' for the past 2 years! Today is YOUR day, sweet girl! 

You've got a STYLE all your OWN! -Punky Brewster
  You have brought us so much JOY in the 10 years we've been blessed to have you in our family! When you walk into any room you LIGHT IT UP! Your smile, your energy, your love for fun and adventure are what draw people in and show them God. You are always teaching mommy and daddy and your siblings how to love more because with your FULL HEART you are constantly giving unconditional LOVE

  Everything you do with your life you put your whole heart into.  You're a BEAUTIFUL Irish dancer and you LOVE caring for animals.  One of your most special talents is playing the PIANO. When you sit down to play the piano you amaze us all with your natural talent! You amaze everyone who hears you play with how sweetly and gently you make music come to life.  Truly you move hearts! 

  Your siblings love you so very much! You are so fun to be around and you come up with really creative ideas in order to help others have a good time and ENJOY LIFE a little more. I LOVE that about YOU

  #3 never forget and never DOUBT how truly BLESSED we feel to have you in our family! This family wouldn't be the same with YOU.  You are helping make us all better people simply by being YOU!
You're a helper and an adventure lover! 

You're a goal setter and you have an IRON WILL! 

You're a beautiful daughter INSIDE and OUT! 

You're so good to your siblings! Always taking care of them and having fun with them!

We LOVE YOU!!! Happy Birthday!!!

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