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Monday, May 26, 2014

Goals for the Week

Marriage/Relationships/Mothering Goals:
-Date Night June 1! 
-Take #1 out for a celebration of finishing 7th grade! She rocked it!! All A's and B's all year. No demerits or any other 'strikes'. Very proud Mom here! 
-Take #3 away for 24 hours for her 10th bday 'big girl talk'. Going to a B+B in Middleburg, VA! 
-Nightly recaps with DH. 

Personal Goals:
-Workout M-F. 
-'Enter into' the 'lasts' of the year. 

At Home Goals:
-Take CAT tests. 3 big homeschool kids.
-Start summer jobs. The 4 bigs have been given jobs for the summer. Different than last summer- we chose jobs based on qualities we determined they needed to work on. Being a parent is fun too! 

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