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Monday, May 19, 2014

Goals for the week

Marriage/Relationship/Mothering Goals:
-Date Night 5/25
-Make #3's TENTH birthday EXTRA special. It's ear piercing time for her!!! One of our family steps of 'crossing over'.
-Focus on nightly recaps with DH. Asking probing questions. 
-Enjoy the week with my parents. Watching them love their grandkids/our kids...that's the best! 

Personal Goals:
-Work out M-F!
-Enjoy the time with my parents and focus on 'being'. 

At Home Goals:
-Dive into the first week of our summer and the special moments with mom and dad! (Do you see a theme). I'm not 'doing much' this week except enjoying the visit with my parents. We LOVE having them in town!!! 

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