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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Blessed. Thankful.

Happy Mothers Day, to all the mothers I know!!! 
 Today, I find myself reflecting on how blessed I am to be a mom.  When I was a little girl I remember day dreaming about the day when I would have kids of my own. I have always loved being around kids, playing with them, babysitting them.  Even in high school when talking 'deep' with friends I'd mention I wanted 10-12 kids! Can you believe that!? Even as a teenager.  Of course, I didn't really 'know' what I was talking about. My mom would say 'we'll see if you say that after you've had a few'. Oh, the wisdom in that! 

  These sweet, beautiful, healthy, happy little souls have made me MOM! I love that! I love that they all still call me mommy. Even the soon to be teenager (yikes!). I love being their mom. They make me proud. The make me a stronger person. They make me grow in holiness- in good times and in difficult times.  They've already taught me so much and there is so much more ahead. 

  I am so thankful, today and every day, that God has entrusted these 6 children to our care! I wouldn't have it any other way! 

  I wanted to share SOME of my favorite things about being a pictures...

The strawberries are in the ground and WE are all very excited about our '14 garden. I LOVE that everyone helps and everyone gets 'into it'! Those are our black raspberries in the back. They were given to us by a friend last year. 

I love seeing their character qualities come out as they grow up. THIS one is intense especially when she's competing on the soccer field. I LOVE watching the kids in their various activities.  

My boys are all BOY. I found this scene outside today. The kids got the slip n slide out and somehow my 11 year old son 'changed clothes' outside. Yep, those are his tighty whities! Growing up with 3 brothers- this pictures makes me feel 'right at home'.

Creativity at it's best. #3 is the creative one in the bunch. Here she is videoing 'lessons' on the iPad, so her younger sister can learn to play a specific song. 

I had to post this picture because it captures their JOY so well. One of my favorite things is to watch my kids friendships develop. We are so blessed that we have some very beautiful families around us. Awesome friendships are forming! 

I love watching the kids GROW in love with each other more every day.  This picture says it all.  THIS melts my mommy heart! 

BEAUTY is in the eye of the beholder! I love being present and able and excited about these growing up kids.  Their changes, their challenges, all of it excites me! 

I love laughing with my kids A LOT! #5 says the most hilarious things. And all of them 'have their moments'. In those funny silly moments I turn into a kid of sorts...I know that makes the kids happy- when I'm silly with them. 

VACATION! Family vacations are the best!

DISCOVERY! Watching them learn, either with me or on their own...that's the best! 

TOGETHER! I love it when we're all together. I feel especially blessed when we're making memories that will last their lifetime AND we're strengthening our family bond. 

TEAMWORK! Seeing them work together at ANYTHING makes me a proud mommy! I'm especially proud when they accomplish something hard together. 

CUTENESS! It's easy to think of grabbing the camera in a moment like this. PURE SWEETNESS.

HARD WORK. We are bound and determined to teach our kids what it means to work hard. Like DH said to #2 this weekend..."with privilege comes responsibility." I couldn't have said it better myself.  

DRIVE! DETERMINATION! These are strong attributes for anyone to have and when I witness my kids display this I just grin.  There's just something about it. I haven't put words to it yet. 

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