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Friday, May 30, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

  It's a great way to capture 'life moments'.  I know I'll blink and DH and I will be empty nesters.  I'll have years worth of blogging to sit down and re-read when I'm having an 'I miss when ____ happened' moment. And, as my mom will testify, blogging helps family members near and far feel connected to the here and now of our daily life.  I like that when I talk to my mom on the phone I don't feel the need to 'catch her up' on the past week because she's sorta been with us. Granted I don't 'tell all' on my blog because I don't believe it's the appropriate avenue for that. I believe that's what coffee dates with a best friend or phone calls are made for, but I do love this spot that holds some of our best memories and stories!
  Getting married and having kids has made me a picture enthusiast.  There's something about the challenge of catching that amazing photo op that drives me to think of grabbing my camera a lot.  Having an amazing camera helps a lot.  I've been slowly learning how to use it to its fullest potential. My DSLR takes amazing pictures.  It just doesn't compare to other cameras. Sorry all, but it's fact!
This is the camera DH and the kids bought me several years ago.

Playing the piano.
  I took piano lessons from age 8-13. When I stopped at age 13 I wondered if I'd regret it 'down the road', but I can actually say I honestly don't.  I went on to excel in athletics and loved playing sports a lot.  And now, I can still play the piano and enjoy having the knowledge that I have from past experience so that I can help the kids and really enjoy their musical talent.  Sure, I could play 'better' if I had more years of lessons, but then I would've missed out on all the sports related memories and successes and lessons.  I am thankful to have the piano to sit at and relax with peaceful songs or be silly with energetic ones.  It's a good thing!

Relaxing with a book or magazine.
  The list is LONG! I have so many books and magazine's I enjoy.  It's enjoyable to me to sit down in a cozy spot and just 'dive into' a good book or a magazine about one of my hobbies. One of the books I'm reading right now are:
By Father Jacques Philippe

One of my 'go to' magazines:

Being 'soccer mom'.
  At this time in life there isn't much that I love more than being present for my kids' activities. I'm not just talking soccer or even baseball, but Irish dance, AHG, piano recitals, etc. I love it all!  I enjoy the opportunities they are being given. I see the valuable lessons we're all learning throughout this time in life and the kids put their whole heart into whatever it is that's 'their thing'.
#4 is very focused out on the field. This was one of the games when she was subbing and playing up with the U9 travel team.  She fit right in! 

  Certainly not least on my list is gardening.  We all get into this together.  DH and I work the hard on the preparations and we always pull the kids in for certain jobs.  The whole family is involved and the whole family benefits from the hard work AND the fruits!
This years beginnings...

Cooking and Baking.
  I'm so thankful that growing up my parents taught me how to cook and bake.  It was often my summer 'job' as a 10-13 or 14 year old to 'report' to the kitchen every night and help my mom make the family meal.  I have to give credit to my dad too though because he's the one who taught my mom how to cook! ; ) 
  I enjoy getting a good chunk of time in my kitchen to prepare foods that my family loves. I look forward to every birthday when that child chooses the meals for the day! It's fun to hear what they really love and enjoy. And down the road when they're returning home for a visit from college or whatever...I'll look forward to them saying 'Mom, can you make some ___?'  Part of growing up is memories around the dinner table. Spending time with those we love the most and enjoying the flavors and tastes Our Lord has given us to enjoy! 

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