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Friday, May 16, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

Today's theme is all about SUMMER! Yep, today is OUR first day of summer.  We've ROCKED our school year and finished up all of our books yesterday! I'm so proud of my kiddos. They are really amazing students. I have it easy as their teacher!

  One thing I know for certain about my kids is that they like to be active.  When they get bored they start bugging each other and such and I don't want to have that all summer so today's theme will tackle some of the things we plan to do over our summer break! Some of what will unfold is unknown of course, but this is a great start!
--- 1 ---
Visit the POOL!!!
This picture is from last summer...our first day at the pool. No one was there! Public school around here is in session for a month after we're done! 
--- 2 ---
Visit the library!
We have a really wonderful and only about 2 years old library about 15 minutes from our house. I love the layout. The little kids section is a lot of fun and is separated by half window/half walls from the other part of the library, so I can see my bigs and be with the littles at the same time- kinda like bi-locating.  There selection of books is fabulous and most of the books were donated NEW! Plus they have the latest and greatest in technology which we tap into some times as well.
Thursday or Friday- FUN DAY!
   I want to take one day every week (or maybe every other week- being realistic) and do some sort of outing together.  One of our first outings on the calendar is DH is taking #1 and 3 of her school friends to Busch Gardens as an end of the year celebration. We're so proud of #1. She's made all A's and B's this year and she has grown up so much! DH and I wanted to celebrate with her! They'll have so much fun! On the same day I'll be taking the rest of the gang to a local farm/much more than that 'type' place to pick strawberries and picnic with some of our homeschool friends.  Outing #1 is on the calendar! Yay!
                                                                                                                --- 4 ---
  We'll no doubt be spending time with our friends.  I've already told the kids to start brainstorming ideas. So far, I've heard of some camping and some early summer bonfires.  Can't wait to relax with some of our best friends!
#1 is our Rabbit. #2 is Tigger. #3 is Piglet. #4 is Pooh. #5 is Eeyore. #6 is Roo- not pictured.
Our kids really do exemplify some of the qualities in these characters.  And they are best friends just the same! 
  Every summer we keep the cobwebs away by doing small amounts of 'brain workouts' I call them.  Math facts, reading, things of that nature.  We'll do that this summer too. I don't want to have to spend a month of our new school year this will help us avoid that!
2x2=4;  12x8=96;  4x6=24;  10x9=90;  4x4+8+3-7=20


  Yes, we have a couple in mind! Active kids who LOVE to be outside playing sports WANT to play any chance they get! Soccer camp is on our radar as well as All Star teams for baseball and soccer in June! #3 is attending a Drama camp in July- so her! That's all that's planned so far, but I wouldn't be surprised if something else comes up.
Last years All Star player! 

--- 7 ---
  We have a BIG vacation this summer! We're so excited to get the opportunity to head back to the beautiful state of Colorado! Just like last year we'll stay with my parents.  This year we'll get 2 weeks there! Already on our list of fun is: a mountain bike ride and a family white water rafting trip! DH and the bigs did this last summer and they said it was so family friendly and safe that the whole family could do it together! YAY!!!

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