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Monday, April 21, 2014

Goals for the week

You'll notice from week to week...some goals will stay the same and some will not.  I'm marking through the ones I complete (for my own personal knowledge) and the ones I do not complete (because life is real and its turns and ups and downs are happening) I will most often just carry into the next week.  Just wanted to explain a little bit of my process. ; )

Marriage/Mothering/Relationship Goals:
-Finish reading our Rome read aloud book. Prep for Rome project.
-Take #4 to get ice cream after soccer practice. 
-Write DH a note post vacation. 
-Date Night 4/26.
-Take #1 shopping for spring/summer clothes

Personal Goals:
-Workout M-F, at least once at the gym.
-Read 1 Chapter of Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline. 
-Read 1 Chapter of one of my other 'night stand' books. 
-Confession and Spiritual Direction appt. 

At Home Goals: 
-Plant the rest of the garden seeds. 
-Have planning meeting for next school year.

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