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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Down on the farm

  During our Easter break last week we were able to do some practical things (like take my oldest shopping for much needed spring/summer clothes) and we also did some 'out of the ordinary' things.  Here are some of our pictures from our visit to the farm.  I'm so thankful this beautiful spot is only 10 min. from our house.  We had a great day together even though some of the smells were 'less than great'.

little lamb- just realized I only got his butt. Oops.

Thirsty piglets.

The one we liked the best because he's 'different' than the rest. 

Mommy and babies! 

My little one. 

The gang- oldest to youngest. 

My horse lovers- #3 and #4- got a sweet surprise while we were leaving.  We spotted a horse being trained. 

  Whether its a visit to a farm, going roller skating or visiting one of our local museums, we just love getting away for little outings.  We try to do it on a regular basis.  Especially with the ages the kids are's much more manageable than when they were all really little, but we did it then too. 'Back then' I'd bring my double stroller everywhere...and it was actually a triple stroller because it has the standing board on the back...I'd pile 3 in there and rock 'n roll everywhere.  My, my times are changing.
  What place is your favorite place to visit with your kids?

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