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Sunday, April 13, 2014

5 Take Aways from our pilgrimage

#5 No matter how much I want or need to get away just us...there's no place like home and there was nothing I missed more than our children. What a blessing to be able to go away to such amazing holy places, but what a gift we have in our family and our home.

#4 I'm proud to be an American and the USA is beautiful, but let's face it...there are many other beautiful places that NEED to be seen! Traveling can be a little scary to me. The 911 tragedy has changed travel for the whole world. It's stressful and can be frightening, but this trip has helped me see that it is indeed good to travel still and not let that day, that event, change my life in a negative way...just let it make me more prayerful and more cautious.

#3 Our faith is such an incredible gift! The depth, the beauty, the miracles that have taken place throughout the history of our church! We had an amazing tour guide.  She, Elizabeth, did an amazing job bringing history to life for me.  I learned so much in the week of time spent with her.  I think I may have learned more in this time than I learned in all my K-5th grade history classes combined. I told her that!

#2 Sometimes its easy to get 'down' about the state of our country. The issues we have are huge and the decisions being made by our 'leaders' are detrimental, right!? But this trip has helped open my eyes and given me hope.  There are good people, really holy people, still leading and still making good decisions for our future.  They may be 'hard to find' because they aren't in the lime light, but they are around and God is STILL good!

#1 For all couples to keep in the forefront of their minds...when your children are grown and it's just you and your spouse...what will you have? What will your relationship be at that point? It will be what you have put into it along the way. What are you putting into your marriage? Are you continuing to build your relationship or are you allowing it to drift further apart because you're so 'in the trenches'.

Pictures to come. I haven't put them all on my computer yet.

Here's one of the sights we saw last...

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