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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Unique Ways

  When I was about preschool/kindergarten age I attended a Montessori school.  I'm not lying when I say the memories from those school days are still very deeply ingrained in my mind.  Thinking back, that style of learning made a big impact on how I now view educating my kids, especially my littlest ones.

  Montessori tools for education are not cheap, but many of them can be re-created using items found at home.  We don't have the money to spend on 'the real stuff', but over the years I've gathered a few things here and there.  Now we have some variety to rotate through.  I don't use Montessori items every day with my younger kids, but we do do a lot of practical life work (teaching and practicing the basic house chores) and as you can see from the pictures when I feel inspired we get out some of the other tools too!

  I really enjoy how excited my littles get about school work.  It makes me happy. And I can't turn down their enthusiasm so I just feed off it!  Their motivation helps me kick into gear and remember back to the days when I had all sorts of time to spend on the fun ideas and projects and tools for the older 2 kids who are now in 5th and 7th grade.

  Here are some of the activities they worked on today.

My very focused lefty!

He's almost 5!!!

Being a bit silly, but having fun!

All done!
#5 will be 5 years old very soon. He has been asking me over the last 2 weeks 'Mommy, when are you going to teach me to read?' That's my cue! I LOVE teaching my kids to read! It's hands down one of the best rewards as a mommy/teacher!  Its been a long time since I've taught one to read. #4 and #5 are 3 years apart. Better go find my materials! 

Have a great day everyone! 

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