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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Sunday Daybook entry 33

Thankful for: A really wonderful weekend! Yesterday we were so productive as a family! The weather was absolutely heavenly. We opened all our windows! Airing out the house makes me feel so  clean and alive! We tackled a few tasks that had been piling up (literally).  We're always teaching our kids the benefits of hard work and yesterday they cleaned our big van! Each week, a couple of them have the inside cleaning of the van as their 'big chore', but yesterday they all volunteered to clean the outside of the van! YAY!!! They also spent a lot of time outside just being kids. And to end the day, DH and I went to dinner and a movie. We had gift cards for both!!! We saw the movie Non-Stop! It was good. We both enjoyed the suspense! And we just needed the dinner chat and time together! Its good to be in tune with each other and be aggressive with a plan when you know you need time together. Today, we'll spend more time finishing up some of yesterdays jobs-not to really 'work' on a Sunday because whats left to be done is just putting a few things away, but in order to start the week without jobs left undone, and we'll some family time.  At the end of the day we'll begin preparing for the week ahead. I love Sunday's so much!

Listening to: The Starbucks melody. Here for a bit.

Praying for: My brother and his family who are still dealing with the unknowns of where God is leading them.

Preparing for: EASTER! Lent has begun and so far it is been powerful.  God is so good to want MORE of US.  He loves us so intensely.  By joining our suffering to His we are loving Him more beautifully.  What a challenge! What a gift!

Hoping for: The continuation of motivation to keep tackling the kids closets.  After the retreat I was on last weekend I've created a list of some spring/lent jobs that need to get done in order to help our household run more simply and a bit more easily.  I've found the value in always doing 'these things' that help change something that wasn't working for you or your family. I'm not just talking physically either.

Talking with the kids about: Lent. It's a heavy theme right now.  I'm so thankful that each child is stepping forward in his/her own faith walk. It is beautiful to witness the differences in each child's little way.

Teaching: I've been doing a bit less of that these days.  Last week and this week we're just doing the basics: math, english, reading.  And the rest of the day we're doing some purging. It feels sooo good!

Planning for: Our garden! Can I just tell you how excited I am for this years garden. Year 2 of our family garden is going to be fabulous! I think having 1 year under our belt will help a lot.  I'll be doing a garden post this week! Follow me!?

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