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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Sunday Daybook entry 32

Listening to-
The sounds from inside a hotel. The cleaners are a few doors down. I hear a door shut every once in a while. But mainly it's quiet.

Thankful for- 
A retreat! All weekend I've had the blessing of being on a retreat with 'the ladies'. By that I mean some of my most favorite women in our homeschool community. The ones I learned 'how to homeschool successfully' from and the ones I look up to and admire.  I tell you, every time I get to spend time with these women it is a gift and a blessing. We've also had a great speaker all weekend.  This morning we wrap things up with resolutions. I can't wait!!!
I'm so very thankful for a husband who 'knocks it out of the ballpark' when asked to manage the home and care for the children while I'm away. I love you DH!!!

Praying for-
Marriages that are suffering!
Pregnancies- both healthy and not healthy.

Looking forward to-
Getting home to my babies and my DH!

Prepping for-
A BIG winter storm that'll start later tonight. It'll likely stop things for a couple of days. I wonder how much snow we'll actually get.

That's all for this post.  I've stayed unplugged most of the weekend, but today is 'back to reality' day and I wanted to get out a bit of an update.

God bless your Sunday, everyone!

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