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Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Saint Patricks Day

  Our Saint Patricks Day is one we'll remember for sure! We got about 6 inches of snow during the night. We woke up to the beauty of a white blanket of fresh snow covering everything and outlining every detail of God's creation. Its been a long celebration for us because we have 3 daughter who Irish dance so all weekend we were at shows and parades in which they were dancing and getting all 'Irish' on us! I'm pretty sure we don't have an ounce of Irish in us. Ok, we'll maybe a tad from my husbands side? But it sure is fun to be part of 'the people'.

  Our eldest didn't have school so we called it a day off for everyone! I'm nursing an injury I got over the weekend, but I'm still able to move around thankfully! I'm just on the sofa icing my hamstring in between our St. Patricks day fun!

  Our day...

  We slept in!
  We had breakfast.
  We did our morning chores.

  The kids played with each other while I iced my leg.
  While eating lunch I read one of our St. Patrick books.
  St. Patrick

After lunch #3 lead everyone in a fun 'irish game' which was really mafia she just changed some of the wording.  She is SOOO good at having FUN. She really can easily entertain all the kids-oldest to youngest. I gave her the challenge of coming up with a craft and a game for today since I knew I'd be on this sofa. She did AWESOME. 
Here they are playing Mafia- Irish style.

And she printed out some coloring pages for them to color together as well.

Very focused child! 
Goof ball child. As the pictures was being taken he was pretending to shake the Leprechauns hand. 


Growing up so fast. Almost 5! 

And we made some cupcakes to go along with our feast day celebration. 

All are playing in the snow now...I forced them to go outside since we ARE having a SNOW DAY after all!
Snowman in progress?

My baby girl!
Tonight's dinner of Corned Beef and fixins' will be lovely! 

We hope you and your family are enjoying this day.

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