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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Answered Prayers

He's 5????!!!

Playing a game with true focus! 

Happy about the simplest things!

Happy Birthday, #5!  Today we celebrate our answer to prayers we prayed every night while you were in mommy's tummy- that God would bless us with another boy, a little brother for #2!  When we found out you would be a boy we felt so blessed! God heard our prayers!

Your favorite color: GREEN! 
Your favorite singer: Toby Mac
Your favorite food: PIZZA
Your favorite sport: you talk about golf a lot and you play baseball too
Your favorite toy: Legos and anything that flies
Your strongest virtue: Charity
You're best at: snuggling with mommy! I'm so glad I have a snuggly boy STILL!
You look up to your big brother a WHOLE lot. He's your best friend and protector. You love your little sister a BUNCH too. For your last night of being 4 your begged us to let you sleep in her room in a sleeping bag. Your wish came true!

We LOVE you, #5!

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