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Friday, March 28, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

  Today's theme is: 7 things I plan to do while we're in Italy!!!

We're going on a retreat!!! I plan to soak up the Grace and the Sacraments in all the holy places we'll be visiting! How can I NOT!? I also plan to have each of the kids write down any prayer intentions they want us to bring with us. We'll leave those intentions in a holy place for them.
Enjoy being with DH! You all know how it is LIFE is busy.  1 kid or 12 kids...when you're a parent you're busy.  I'm really looking forward to our time together- just us.  Honestly, we just NEED it.
Time with FRIENDS! Yep, we will be seeing friends on our pilgrimage.  We're going with a group of people who care deeply for our alma mater.  I'm looking forward to spending time with other like minded Catholics.  My god parents will be there! And some other University friends that we're both looking forward to hanging out with and sharing life's stories and experiences with also.
I plan to exercise too! We have free time built in to the pilgrimage. Some of that time I want to spend keeping up with where I've come physically. Over the last month I've been spending time each day working out a bit.  I've gradually gotten a lot stronger and I don't want to lose what I've gained in muscle, so I'm coming up with a personal plan- some exercises I can do from the comfort of my hotel room and some I will do outdoors. Of course, we'll be getting LOTS of walking in as well. Can't forget those calories burned. I also want to enjoy the food and drinks, so in order to do that I've made a pact with myself to do the exercising too!

My last 3 items are books I plan to finish while away on this trip. Im going to bring more than 3! (Hey! It's a lot of flying time!) But I have these 3 books as my goal!

          Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline

--- 6 ---
Sorry no pictures for these other books. I'm rushing to finish this post that has taken me all day to complete.

My Sisters The Saints
Guard Your Heart

PS I'm also bringing 2 books I'm half way through...
The Ministry of Motherhood
The Five Love Languages of Children
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