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Friday, February 14, 2014

Winter Beauty


It's a snow day at our house! 

  What's winter for if it doesn't snow? That's my question. I grew up in the south and we 'sometimes' got snow, but not enough to make me happy I guess because now I find myself sorta dreaming of a good snow each winter.  In Virginia we get snow, but we don't typically get a TON of it and when we do get a lot of last night...I love it! It doesn't seem to hang around for a long time which is kinda nice too.  But I'm a southern girl who loves to get snowed in- once or twice each winter.

  Here's our snow day in review via pictures...we're now doing a first floor quick clean up, then we'll start dinner prep. and showers, and after dinner clean up we're going to watch a movie and have popcorn (not everyone got to taste the first batch in our new popcorn maker shown below).

That orange dot in the middle of the picture is an orange cone. A full size one! 

See the snow at the bottom of our deck door?  That's not a good marker for how much we got because it blows around on the deck, but still it looks kinda cool. 

The van has a new 'look'

My winter yard sign is normally hanging about 8 inches above the mulch. Not today!

The morning began with play time with the littles. Dressing up dolls with #6 first. 

...and car racing with #5!

Then castle building...
#6 asked me to take this picture of her because she is 'standing like an Irish dancer' ; )
Crazies #2 and #3 had a blast sliding down the curvy slide and right into the snow! 

#3 showing me how high the snow comes up on her. 
#2 covered #3 with snow. Told ya they were my 'crazies'!

#5 trying to make it down to where the big kids are playing.  Thank goodness I bought snow pants in the sizes we needed during the fall months!

Even the kitties got a snow day and snuggled in the mud room a bit. 
#5 made up a game of us own. Catch the foil ball in the cup anyone?
Time for a favorite card game- Up and Down the River
A tense game of Jenga was played.
Each kid approached Jenga with different seriousness.
And, #2 with his own silliness. 
Well deserved hot chocolate after a lot of hard shoveling. 
Thanks to Uncle Marc and his family we got this awesome popcorn maker for Christmas!
We used it for the first time today! 
Making popcorn
The family room was well loved and used today. We spent a lot of time together. 

    Loved our snow day together! So much to be thankful for tonight!


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