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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Daybook entry 31

I'm listening to: hair dryers, dishes being loaded, toys being picked up and put away...6 kids getting ready for mass and for daddy's 'day home'!

Thankful for: My DH who is making a visit home for 12 hours...JUST BECAUSE HE'S an AMAZING DAD LIKE THAT!!!

Prepping for: A pretty busy week, but a different kind of busy.  No more ski lessons. We're all kinda bummed about that, but we'll probably do it again next year! We have several appointments on the calendar this week. A day of testing for STAA- our homeschool directing group.  And some fun thrown in the week too.

Planning for:  Knocking another big 'to do' off my list this week! It felt really great to pick one big 'to do' last week and to ACTUALLY accomplish it. What was it? My passport! I got it all done in one day! We're going to Italy in April...and I CAN GO!!! Ha ha! Well, that is once my passport arrives!
Next weekend I'm going on a retreat with our homeschool group. A 'just for moms' retreat! Can't wait! I'm hoping to be enlightened in a new way. And I'm praying for some good 'ole quiet time.

Praying for: My brother and his family. They are still not sure what God is 'doing'. They could use a good dose of peace right now!
-For my younger brother, Jon, that God will continue to lead him in His will.
-For my 2 nieces who celebrated birthday's this week. That God will draw them closer to Him and protect them.  Maddie's 19! And Celine (one of our god daughters) is 3!

Happy Sunday, friends! 

I took this picture while stopped at a red light. She was totally exhausted after a day of playing in the snow. 

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