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Friday, February 28, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

   NO THEME DAY!!!! Randomness from FULBUS!
   For my prayer time I've been reading Time for God by Father Jacques Philippe. In my opinion this is a must read for every Catholic.  Father Jacque has really helped me understand the why and how of personal prayer time.  Really is message to us is simple, but his words are powerful and have made an impact in my spiritual growth.  Check out his book here...
Time for God by Father Jacques Philippe
  The other night on our way home from Irish dance lessons I turned the music off in an effort to get a conversation going with the kids.  I've always heard the car is often the place where the best conversations take place. Sure enough turning off with the music and ON with the conversations! And boy, did we get a 'doozy' going. I can't even remember how the conversation started, but one of the kids started talking about death.  The conversation went on for about 5 minutes or so with comments like 'Wait! Jesus is coming back? When!?' And 'If you die when you're eating dinner would you just freeze in whatever position you are in or would you slump over and fall into the table?' ; )
  This conversation was both fun and insightful for me.  I was able to direct toward Heaven.  Toward hopeful expectation.  And into deeper understanding of the temporariness of our bodies, but the eternalness of our soul! It was really a beautiful time with my kids.  I did have to remind the big kids that little ears were listening because my littles are in a stage where they are easily scared right now.  Talk about the physical things that could happen during death is QUITE what the preschoolers should be dreaming about. ; )
  I am thankful for this CAR MOMENT!
  I am very excited to be able to go away for about 36 hours this weekend. Our homeschool group is having a retreat for just moms! I know the time will go by quickly, but I've been praying for everyone going on the retreat and for our guest speaker too. I am confident the time will be fruitful.
  DH is HOME!!! I must admit that when he travels a lot we kinda 'get use to it' and we all handle it pretty well.  But when he's home...we sure do LOVE it!


Baseball tryouts have happened.  Soccer sign ups are finished.  Before we know it we'll be in full swing of spring sports in our family. I love when the weather changes and we all of a sudden seem to burst outdoors and enjoy time in the warm sun as a family.  The 'restless natives' will get released soon!

  It's OFFICIAL!!! DH and I are REALLY going to Italy in April! Well, I say REALLY, but I am still waiting for my passport! I cannot wait for this trip! What a gift! How did this happen!? God is so good to us! 10 days! Away! With my love! And we MAY (fingers crossed) get to meet Pope Francis too! Sigh. I'm not even sure I'm fulling comprehending all this.  It seems very surreal at this moment.
I think I'm DONE with winter. I love it when it snows. It's beautiful! But about 2 months into every season I begin to look forward to the change into the next season.  Spring is sounding really good right now.  And summer, heck, why not think about it too because when you have a family of 8 and you want to take a gotta plan in advance.  This summer we're talking about going to Colorado again. We just LOVE going there! Growing up we spent a lot of time in CO.  Spring break we'd typically go skiing as a family and then every summer we'd spend a little or a lot of time in the mountains too.  It was our 'second home' of sorts growing up. And DH says it was his favorite place to live growing up as a military kid.  What a beautiful part of our country! God is truly there in those MOUNTAINS! And the temperatures during the die for! Stay tuned to hear about our plans!
Simply put...breathtaking! 

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