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Friday, February 07, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

  The theme I chose for today's post is:  The 7 most common 'teaching moments' around our house right now.  These are some my current 'go to phrases' and others as you'll read are some of the 'life stages' we're teaching/disciplining our children through right now.

  My most used phrase during the school day (mainly) when I'm struggling with a child or two…is 'this is not a life or death situation.'  I think it's a good reminder that even though the child thinks writing a paragraph might cause him/her to DIE!!! It actually won't! ; )

  "Please don't teach your little brother THAT!" I really love that I have 1 big boy (almost 11! Yikes) and 1 little boy (almost 5! ) But one of the 'results' in their 6 year age gap is the 11 year old boy 'stuff' that the 5 year old repeats (i.e., bodily noises, and phrases that you otherwise normally wouldn't hear out of a 5 year old boys mouth.) Sometimes I feel like 'my little sweet 5 year old has been 'damaged', but then other times I have to remember that the bond they have is so very special and as a family grows the kids 'down the line' are just 'different' than the kids at the top of the line were when they were the same age. For instance…when our oldest son was about 7 DH had a conversation/teaching with him about Star Wars (good vs. evil and such) before viewing the movie WITH him and making it all a special deal.  Ya, but the 5 year old…he's seen it all already. Sigh. The realities.

"Please do your morning chore." 
My kids are often challenged in the am to get 'going' for the day. I feel like a broken record saying this each morning. 

  "Are you throwing a FIT?" There isn't much more that breaks the peace in the house more than a fit.  Some of my kids have been worse fit throwers than others. I don't recall my first 2 having an big issue with fits. #3 FOR SURE DID! And #4 I remember having moderate fits. #5 and #6 have their days. #5 is mostly grown out of them, but when he throws one…it's pretty ugly. #6 is in the midst of the struggle with fits.  Some days she won't do it at all, but other days she'll throw several.  I'm working on stopping whatever I'm doing and taking her straight to her room to calm down. Once she's calm I think talk her through what happened and what she can do different next time so she won't have to stop playing or whatever and go to her room.  Consistency is important and I know that, so it's my goal these days.  Trying to nip this!
  "Pick up your socks." #2 in particular likes to take his socks off and various times throughout the day/evening and leave them wherever. AHHH! So, if you're visiting our house and you see a sock or two in random places…now you'll know who they belong to (most likely) and that I AM indeed trying to help him stop the habit…at least before he gets married some day. : )

"Everyone help clean up the family room." One of my goals before DH gets home each night is to have at least the kitchen and family room picked up and cozy and inviting.  So, if you were a fly on the wall you'd hear this phrase quite a bit. Our family room is our most used room.  We love it! But we enjoy it most when its picked up. At any given time in the day you might find books scattered about, a deck of cards spread out here, there and yonder, blankets from snuggling up to read a good book. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the 'we really do live here look' of our home, but I know my DH enjoys coming home to peace and order, at least most of the time. He is very forgiving and understanding though, so he never says anything when the house/family isn't that way when he arrives. I just know…it makes him smile when we give him that gift.

"Great job! All your hard work paid off!" 
Several of our kids have made great accomplishments this week.  I'm talking BIG school achievements! #1 made all A's and B's for the second quarter (as well as the first).  We're very proud of her! She's been learning a lot about study habits, planning, persevering and such.  It didn't take her long to 'figure out' the differences between homeschool and 'brick and mortar'.  She has adjusted really well. 

#2 was asked to write a pretty long paper. He did it! And it was really good. #2 and #3 are my best creative writers.  Makes sense to me because they're the ones with the biggest imagination and the ones with all the 'thoughts' in their heads. 

#3 was also asked to write her first 'long' paragraph. She fought against me a bit, but once she used her strong will to buckle down and do it she produced a fabulous paragraph with interjections and emotion! Love it when she writes!

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I can relate soooo much to this post! Loved it.