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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Daybook entry 29

Seek and Find the 3 year old!?

Listening to- My 'home' playlist. For Christmas DH gave me a speaker for the kitchen so that I can play my music from my iPhone.  It sure does make standing at the sink cleaning dishes and making 3 meals a day a little more 'easy'.

Thankful for- A spontaneous date last night with my DH. We saw the moving Saving Mr. Banks. It was really well done! Both of us really liked it!

Planning- The week ahead.  Hoping to get a lot of focused work done and stick to our plan well, so that on Friday we can have a play date.

Thinking about- When to give the kids their CAT tests and when to do the STAA testing.  I also need to get physicals done for all of us. And a couple weeks ago we got our first snow which was on the day of our dentist appointments. Getting the snow on that day was actually convenient because I was wanting to change dentists anyway.  Now, I have to find a new dentist though. AND fill out all the new patient forms again…for all 8 of us.

Praying for- A family in our parish who lost their mom to colon cancer this week. So so sad. The details aren't being shared. All I know is she had had cancer for a while, but the last days before her death it all happened very quickly.

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