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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Daybook entry 28

Listening to: "Sounds from the house". Sounds kinda like a song title.

Thankful for: A blessed weekend. It was balanced and THAT's when we enjoy life most.

Planning for: A busy week ahead. #1 has 2 days off from school though!! Monday will be a typical Monday, but the rest of the week won't be very typical. ; )

Recovering from: Another great TPG holiday party. Friday night we joined up with some of our favorite people. We're really blessed to have such an amazing team at TPG and that a lot of those happen to be from our same alma mater!

Planning: The week ahead! Along with the other usual activities: Irish dance, piano lessons, school work. #1 has 1 more exam to take. She has done very well on all of them so far! Tuesday we're thinking of heading to National Zoo to see Bao Bao the newest baby Panda! Still discussing the details thought. Wednesday our whole family is going skiing. The kids have been taking lessons for the past 2 weeks, but I've been taking the 5 kids and #1 has been dropped off at home after school. We worked it out this week to all be able to go. DH has off from work and #1 doesn't have school because of the March for Life. Can't wait to ski together. Thursday we'll be recovering from Tuesday and Wednesday so we'll have a day at home with school and chores on the list of to do's. Friday is our light day for school work as long as the rest of the week has been productive, so we often have play dates with friends or sometimes we have clubs to attend. This Friday we'll host the boys at our house for Sports club and then right after that we'll head to AHG. Whew! Busy and fun! That's what's in store.

In the kitchen: Menu planning. That's all! Why am I so terrible at it- not sure. Working on being more committed to it.

Wishing: It was a bit easier to parent these 6 different personalities/temperaments.  No one said parenting would be easy. I know that, but when it gets really tough it's ok to wish it wasn't.

Talking about: Our plans for the year. January is coming to a close and we still need to set aside 'us time' to make our family plan. Our annual 'tradition' of sorts for DH and I. Really need to get it on the calendar. I think I'll work on that!

I'm done! Brain is tired of this post. Sorry it's shortened, but this mommy needs to REST on this DAY OF REST! 

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