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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow Day!!!

   I love it when it snows!

   It's beautiful.
   We're all together!
   It keeps us home and cozy inside.
   It changes the plans a bit. It slows us down.

   THAT's how we typically experience snow in VA. I'm good with that!

   It comes. It stays for a bit and then it leaves and we clean up.  I like that!

   But even more than I like the snow…I LOVE changing from one season to another! I'm just THAT kind of gal. I enjoy changes- no matter how big or small.  So, as we're enjoying today and living in the present is on our mind…you'll see in the next day or two that I'm also thinking about what's to come…


   And I leave you with a couple pictures from today's school lesson. Some background…we're studying Roman History this year.  Right now, we're learning about how their contributions (i.e., roads and bridges/architecture) made an impact on the world.

#5 helped me build our own set of bridges. 

Arch and Truss

Part of the Suspension bridge ready for another time. 

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