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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Simple. Important.

Come Holy Spirit. Come in my heart.
Sweet Holy Spirit, fill it with love.

  This was a sweet prayer that was sung before the 2 talks I got to hear over the last 3 days from Father Jacques Phillipe. He is such a holy man. He is an author.  And a very humble spiritual leader.  Both of the talks he gave touched me in new ways. They enlightened my mind. They gave me so much to think about and pray about. As I was listening to him speak I felt like a sponge.  As I read his writings I feel the same way.  It's just so good! Just so helpful and clear.
  This prayer is simple and powerful. It is just what we need to start our day, to begin our prayer time.  I encourage you to try it.  You don't have the exact tune, but that's ok, make your own. The tune isn't important.

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