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Monday, January 06, 2014

Not too late

  I'm of the belief that it's never too late to start something new. And really, I'm only 6 days 'off'.  I've been reading a few blogs lately and there's this idea of 'Naming the Year'. I LOVE this idea.  I've seen it before, but as I'm always trying to 'keep it simple' in the family I haven't felt we were 'ready' to add it into our family life.  We're always working on virtues, sometimes a week 'theme' will be a virtue, sometimes a days 'theme' will be a virtue (or it'll just keep coming up less formally) and often each particular child and I have discussed a virtue specific to their spiritual growth.  This year I've decided in addition to those 'informal' practices in virtue that we're going to adopt this idea of a 'family virtue' or 'word' for the year! So not only will we be growing in our love and appreciation for St. Francis, but our word for the year…our virtue for the year, which goes hand and hand with St. Francis' life and a lot of his spirituality is…


  God is already working! Without having even officially started talking about 'our word'…the kids got a 'talking to' from DH this morning and all of it was about helping mommy and daddy AND helping each other, create more peace in our home.  Several of the kids were arguing about something and DH and I just had it, so a mini lecture ensued all about helping cultivate peace in our hearts and peace in our home.

  During our family prayer time this evening we spoke about our word of the year and some of our own goals (personal and familial) that we should start to think about as we aim at working on growing in peacefulness.



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