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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy 3rd 'bloggy' Birthday to FULBUS!

  Three years ago today(actually, yesterday, but I forgot to publish this post) I began this adventure of blogging. The main purpose was to keep my far away family and friends in touch with us- our growing, our changing, our funny every day life stories.  Through the years this blog has grown up a bit- not just in the # of posts (over 350 though!) or in the number of viewers but also in it's purpose and goal. I've posted on this topic before…Why I'm a 'blogger'

  I've been enjoying blogging for many reasons, but most of all because as I look back through these past few years blogging has helped me see the Grace that has brought our family to this place where we are today.

  So, Happy Birthday (in a different kinda way)! I hope you'll continue to stop by as your time allows. And I hope you enjoy this spot as much as I do.

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