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Sunday, January 05, 2014


  Those times when He speaks with such clarity are so special and full of peace.  No, I'm not talking about 'clear words' like a movie might portray. I'm talking the 'in the heart' kind of voice
That's what I've received over the last couple of weeks while in prayer over our Saint of the Year for 2014.

  St. Francis of Assisi…why? How did he come to be the Saint for us this year?

  2 main reasons why 'francis' was on my heart/mind which when thinking about it makes perfect sense as to why I felt like we were being lead to him for 2014. I know there is still much more to 'find out' as the year goes on.

  Our Pope is 'a Francis' and, man oh man is he leading by example. We have a lot to learn from him in this Year of Grace. I'm so excited to LIVE this year!! Seriously, the Year of GRACE!? How amazing! Grace is a gift from God.  We receive Grace through the Sacraments, but also any other time we ask for it. It is PURELY a gift. Grace is what gives us the strength to live a holy life. Amen! More Grace, please!

  Secondly, this year DH and I are actually traveling to Assisi. WHAT!? Our St. Francis year and we're going to be visiting this very places he walked!? I am overwhelmed with that thought! Just overwhelmed with unbelief, gratitude, thankfulness!!! I haven't even fully comprehended how special this is.  One thing we'll do beforehand is have the kids write petitions down and we'll bring them to Assisi with us. Wow! We'll also be going to Rome and I don't even know what that means for us yet.  What we'll see and do is unplanned as of now, but planning will be taking place in the near future.

  Lastly, St. Francis is meant for us this year because he has written several prayers that are just right for us to memorize and sort of 'dissect' as a family.  I'll go into this a bit more in a later post I plan to write.

  For now, I'm 'soaking' in the gift of St. Francis.

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