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Friday, January 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

AHHH! Another NO THEME week. My brain is suffering from 'cabin fever' and I just can't come up with a good theme. Well, maybe the 'theme' could be labeled 'random'? Does that count?
  My kids have expressed an interest in learning Spanish.  #2 is the driving force behind this one.  Want to know why he wants to learn Spanish? "Mom, a lot of the MLB players speak Spanish, so I need to learn." Hey, I can get that! I'm not going to squelch that desire and motivation. I'm off to find an online program that'll work.  I've had a 2 years of high school spanish and 3 years in college, but teaching it is a whole other 'ballgame'. Plus adding that into what we're already doing seems daunting.  But I'll work on it! I'm following a FB post right now and getting some good leads as to where to look.
  For those of you who haven't read on FB or heard from us…we are beginning a new adventure as a family. We have been discerning for about 6 months and asking God to show us where and how we can serve Him as a family. Long story short 'cradle care' dropped into our laps.  An organization called Catholic Charities has this program that provides basic care for babies in transition from birth parents to foster/adoptive parents. Cradle Care. We are applying! Let the home study begin! It'll be a 'ride'. A challenge! But one we are ready to take on. We'd appreciate your prayers. A friend asked me to blog about our journey so stay tuned in for more posts on this subject.

  Snow play date today!! At our house!!! We got about 3 inches of snow this past week. You'd think it was a foot in NOVA because schools have been canceled pretty much all week. It's been fun! #1 has had a lot of extra time off. And we have had a more relaxed schedule.  Today we'd normally be hosting sports day for #2 and his friends. And we still are, but it'll be of the 'snow type'. You know, forts, snowball fights, sledding. Should be a lot of fun. The moms and I and the girls and little bitty babies will be inside. But the rule outside is 'have at it'!

   #4 has been playing on an indoor soccer team this winter. So far they're undefeated. 4-0. When I say undefeated I'm talking REALLY big wins. 21-8, 18-6, that kinda stuff. Its been really fun to watch them.  They're really strong players. #4 has been surprising me with how much she enjoys playing soccer.  I think she's found 'her thing'.
   Can you believe how fun the new Lego movie looks! I am just as excited to see it as my kids are!

                                                             The LEGO® Movie

  I love it when kids movies are really creative. I think Monsters Inc was another really creative story line.  No doubt some 'mix of us' will be going to see this movie. #2 and #5 both have birthdays coming up too, so maybe it'll be part of their gift or their friend birthday get together? Well see. 

  I've had 2 sessions with a personal trainer at the gym that's about 3 miles from our house. So far I'm really enjoying being back in the gym. The trainer is great! She pushes me but doesn't kill me. If she killed me I'd struggle motivating myself to go back. She has a great balanced approach and for that I (and my muscles) are grateful!

  This past week a homeschool mom in our community passed away. She leaves behind 2 teenagers and her husband.  We knew she had cancer, but we didn't know how seriously sick she was in the end. Please pray for her family and for her soul! Those in our community who were really close to her are in shock and disbelief. So so sad.

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