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Friday, January 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

#5 in the 'heat' of a Minute to Win it game. We played this in teams -just us- on Christmas Eve. So much fun!!!

The THEME for this weeks Quick Takes is…

NO THEME! Ha! Just random thoughts, questions, whatever...
Yesterday I had a blessed texting marathon with a friend in Alaska! Isn't it amazing to think about how THAT can happen- across so many miles- and a good conversation that was MEANT to happen!
Tonight we're going to the annual company holiday party. I always enjoy the conversations I have with a small number of people and all the while my husband 'makes the rounds'.
Why does #6 insist on asking for candy about 15 times a day!? Its really difficult to hear that so often.
I'm really enjoying my Fitbit. It's amazing how something so simple can be motivating. Why do I care how many steps I've taken in a day? Or how many times I've gone up and down the stairs? Why is it motivating to try to get to 10,000 or whatever? I'm pretty sure its my competitive side ; ) It's crazy what it keeps track of.
I'm dreaming of spring these days. Christmas is over, officially. Everything is undecorated. And its been pretty darn cold…and I hear more cold and snow is going to hit us this winter…so, I'm done! Ha ha!
I've been blessed through some really amazing prayer time lately. I'm so very thankful for the peace and quiet in the early morning hours. And I'm still being touched by the words from Father Jacques visit last week. You could say I'm feeling like I'm 'on a retreat' these days.

Busy weekend ahead! Soccer, date night, a field trip to Mt. Vernon with JUST one kid! Sunday family time!! Looking forward to all we're doing and NOT doing (on Sunday).

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