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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Thankful THIS Tuesday

-for an amazing week in Disney World! What a blessing we feel like we were given. No school for a week!? A vacation as a family!? So thankful.  It was so warm we wore shorts all week (while it snowed in Northern VA and #1's school had 2 snow days. Ha!) All the kids and DH and I were 100% healthy all week! We made a ton of fun memories together, laughed a lot, sang a lot (14 hours of driving), rode a bunch of rides, saw all the characters we could have possibly wanted and had some really fun and unique interaction between several of them and our kids. Altogether it was a trip we'll never forget!

-for DH who knows just what I need and when I need it

-for my #1 who is still such a kid and at the same time is growing up so much. I'm so grateful for her innocence and that her school is full of like minded parents whose kids are genuinely good kids

-for a phone conversation with a SIL in TX that 'rocked our world' and was an answer to prayer in many ways

-for DH who gives endlessly and selflessly for the Glory of God and the good of our family

-for steady progress on our house projects and work that is being beautifully done

-for getting the message from God- our Christmas trees are dead. Yep, you read that right…both of our trees are dead and need to be thrown out and it's only 9 days til Christmas. I was SUPER bummed when we got home and I realized the trees were dead, but after 24 hours of letting it 'set in'…by the Grace of God I realized that I was meant to learn something from this.  We're meant to learn something through EVERYTHING right!? The message I got…it's NOT about the tree! Advent is NOT about all the decorations, the tree, the baking, the WHATEVER. Sure, I've heard that message a thousand times, but THIS time…I am LIVING it! And I am thankful for this moment of Grace that came upon me and hit me upside the head. 

-for tonights volleyball game. I still LOVE playing. And I can still contribute! After 6 kids and even despite the weight I can't seem to get rid of I can play the game and it's a LOT of fun! 

-for long road trip conversations. All different topics. All different decisions. And the reality that we are a team! I'm so very thankful to be on THIS team with DH.  We compliment each other. We each bring something to the team that is valuable and is exactly what our family needs.  We may not always agree and we naturally have differing opinions and sometimes a non unified front, but THAT is real! This is an honest relationship. We AINT putting on a show for anyone! 

-for confession and spiritual direction. 

-for Advent and the inspiration to stay focused, peaceful and meditative.

Being silly 

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