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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday Daybook entry 27

Listening to: the Starbucks 'ensemble'? I always find their music a little 'odd'. But I love being here with my love. Just us. Chatting. Catching up. Looking at the week ahead. It's what we need a the start of a new week.

Today: Well, it's Sunday, so it's family day! Mass first, of course, and then just hanging out at home. Board games will be played. #2 got Axis and Allies for Christmas. Today is THE day to play it. For those of you who don't know that game takes hours maybe even days to play. His great Aunt will be over for hanging out time so DH, #2 and AP will learn how to play it together. Football will also be on in the background! And food…lots of yummies! It's a rainy day, so even more of me wants to just chill and be us!

Recovering from: #4 had her first indoor soccer game last night. Our team hadn't played together before and they creamed the other team 18-8. It was a lot of fun to watch. When we were done their we hadn't eaten dinner and all of us were STARVED so we grabbed a 'local bite'. We were home after everyone's bed time. And then DH and I had a basement project to finish. So, we went to bed a bit late. But it was worth it! We had a great day!

Thankful for: All the extra family time over the holidays. Special outings. Chill time at home. It was just what 'the doctor ordered'.

Preparing for: This week is about getting back into the groove for us. We aren't starting back to school routine until Thursday, but we need a gradual increase in regular routine, so we'll work on that over the next few days.

To do: Plan meals for the week and finish the basement project by Thursday. Totally doable.

In the kitchen: Lots of yummies have come out of the kitchen over the last 10 days. Today is no exception since it's family day. This week we'll have more celebrating for the New Year, but then we'll get back to a bit healthier. #4 has been told to stay clear of corn for a while and let her gut mend. She's been having some small acid reflux type issues.  Getting rid of corn is pretty easy, but it still takes a little effort.

Hoping: To have the time over the next few days to write up my life plan. This is a somewhat new undertaking. Michael Hyatt has a great life plan pdf. DH and I are both working our our personal plan and then we'll sit down and go through our family plan for 2014. A new tradition for us. An annual family meeting. We've done variations of this in the past, but we're putting more into it starting this year.

Wishing: Christmas break could go on forever! Ok, well not really, but I do wish we could have another month! Life is real though.

Planning: Doctor appointments! We're going to find a new dentist. And we all need to get our annual physicals done. It's January almost. That's our time to schedule these things. We actually have dentist appointments on the calendar for this coming Friday, but I'm on a mission to find us a different family dentist. We weren't happy with this last one.

Praying for: For my brother and his wife and kids who are being bombarded with 'stuff'.
For my younger brother that God will lead him to his vocation.
Special intentions too!

Isn't this a great picture of Cinderella's castle!? I just love it! It captures the magic of our trip. We've been reminiscing this week. We had such a great time! 

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