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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Daybook entry 26

Gingerbread house of the season! Thanks to a dear friends generous gift! 

Listening to: the 'Starbucks mix'. Why do they play such an odd array of music genres? I suppose they're trying to please a variety of people. Yep, I see God's 'variety' when I look around. ; )

Thankful for: a great time with 2 'perfect for me' friends! Last night we enjoyed being outside, laughing, sharing life stories…it was for sure what I needed right before Christmas…pretty sure they had a great time too.

Recovering: from a late night. We were up til 1am. And on top of that #6 was up several times in the night. Hence the extra push this am to get some caffeine and time alone.

I find us also still recovering from Disney. What a great time we had! I miss it! Those schedule free days of just play time as a family. Eating out, every meal but breakfast! No cleaning! Such a treat for a whole week. It's always hard to get back into real life after vacation.  Thank goodness we did well keeping on top of school work last week because it's Christmas vacation time!!! No school til January 2!! Despite our trip to DW…we are ahead of my beginning of the school year lesson plans! THATS a good feeling!

Going: to mass in about an hour. It's the fourth Sunday of Advent! Crazy how time has flown by!

Preparing for: family coming to hang out and watch football and play games after mass. Love Sunday's! Extending family time. Time to just be together and chill.

It's currently raining. IF it stops…we are going to Zoo Lights tonight.  The girls' Irish dance school does an annual show at the Zoo. It's a lot of fun to head there to watch the girls and walk around the zoo at night when it's all decorated for Christmas! I'm looking forward to the family outing…but only if the rain stops.

To do: finish Christmas shopping. Tomorrow I'm taking each child out to Target to buy for their sibling. We draw names at the beginning of Advent. The name they draw is the sibling they are Advent Angel for throughout Advent. They do small acts of kindness for that person and then buy a gift for him/her too. I love this tradition. The kids really get into it. We did it in my family growing up.

In the Kitchen: all of us are looking forward to baking this week. Christmas week brings with it lots of extra yummies from the kitchen. #4 and up have gotten a lot of good instruction in the kitchen lately. #2 in particular has been helping a lot with meals. I'm proud of the fact that he'll marry some day and not be clueless in the kitchen.

Hoping: for a White Christmas!!! Ya, my hope in that happening is pretty much squashed today…it's way too warm out for that. That's ok.

Wishing: it was easier to have extended family relationships.

Planning: for continued peace over the rest of Advent and all of the days of Christmas. Up to this point it has been heavenly.  I think because of my temperament and as a gift from God peacefulness has not been a challenge for me personally, but I do find that with a large family and multiple personality types and temperaments…it can get a little tricky to maintain the peace at times.  I feel blessed to have been given some gifts that help draw peace into the family.  I just pray that I can do better and better at helping the kids (who need the extra help in this area) see the value in slowing down, helping keep order and a prayerful heart in order to keep the entire family more peaceful NOT just in Advent, but throughout the year!!

Praying for: my brother and his family who are going through sickness and a myriad of other things right now!
Finishing up the Christmas novena for our god children.
God bless my 2 nephews who celebrated their birthday this week!
Oh my heart! Praying for so much!

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