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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Sunday Daybook entry 25

Keeping it simple with today's Daybook post.

Wearing: PJ's because I'm actually in bed and I'm starting this post early because well, read on...

Going: to bed soon. Its been a long day and bed is oh so cozy!

Listening to: silence. All my little cherubs are tucked in. Safe and warm on this chilly night.

Looking forward to: hearing my DH return from a coffee outing with his sister.

Hoping: that we can leave town earlier than planned and if we don't make that then I hope the weather doesn't postpone us any.

Praying for: family members near and far. And my friend who had a kidney transplant last week. She's doing really well, but still has recovery ahead of her.

Prepping: For our trip! We leave Monday morning unless we get it together before then. Disney here we come!!!!

Working on: Events on the calendar over the next 6 weeks. Some really fun things planned for all!!! I've also been working on this years Christmas card. Its taken me a while to make this years, but when we get back from our vacation I'll be ready to address them and send them out…just in time!

Pondering: Kids. Family. Friends. Feeling very blessed!

Learning to: Let it go. In all ares of life we need to just let things go more often. It's better to do that, I think, otherwise we allow external 'things/people/etc.' affect our life too much! It's not worth it!

Enjoying: Taking this Sunday to be peaceful. Watch the snow fall. Be together and get ready for our week in FL.

Have a great week everyone! I will be doing some blogging while we're gone.  Some nights when we're winding down from the day…I'm sure I'll find it relaxing to blog a bit. ; )

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