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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Sunday Daybook entry 24

-aware of God's glory: 
A beautiful Sunday and a fresh new start to our Liturgical year. I love Advent! I'm looking ahead at this season as a time for growth in holiness and a renewed closeness to Our Savior. I'm thankful that 'in His Glory' he came to us in the form of a little baby- someone I can relate to so easily since I have cared for 7 babies of my own both in utero and out.  May all we say and do this advent season be for his greater glory.

-listening to:
The TV in the background. My middle girls LOVE watching The Duggars WHEN they get up in the morning and happen to get the remote and the time to actually watch a recorded episode. I'm glad they are watching a wholesome show.

-talking with my child/ren about: 
Advent! Our preparations as a family! We keep some private and some public. More to come on that!

-thinking and thinking:
About respect! Two 'tweens' in the house. We're always drilling home the need for respect toward all people especially elders though. Needless to say, 2 kids were punished last night for showing a lack of respect. At first I thought DH had come down too hard on them because he gave them a really hard punishment, but then…I knew that with disrespect IT has to be hard!

-pondering prayerfully:
We have an opportunity to serve and sacrifice as a family ahead of us. We can't share details yet, but please pray for us as we discern this new direction our family may be taking together.

-finding rhythm:  
The slower pace of the winter is here. We're enjoying lots more family time!

-creating by hand: 
In a couple of weeks we'll be heading down the 'knitting path'. Just the girls and I. Looking forward to having another craft to do together!

-learning lessons in: 
Letting go! My DH and I took everything out of our closet over the long weekend and we got rid of everything we aren't currently using. Yes, those clothes that I kept saying 'I'd like to fit in again someday'…they're gone too. And the items that were too worn out or just frankly NOT in style. Our closet looks amazing and I'm so happy we did this.

Also, having to 'let go' of DH again as this week he has to travel to India to be at the company Christmas party. Its been so nice to have him home extra during Thanksgiving, but the reality is STILL the reality. We sure will be thankful when he's home from this trip.

-encouraging learning:
We've been pushing ahead of our lesson plans a bit because in a week we leave for Disney. I wanted us to stay on target and not be behind at all when we get back and return to school work. The kids have cooperated well with the extra work. I 'guess' Disney is a big motivation! ; )

-begging prayers:
For a friend who is very sick and needs a kidney transplant very soon. She has a heart of gold and it's sad to see her suffering.

-living Liturgy:
Living the Liturgy seems 'easy' this time of year. There are so many beautiful novenas, Holy days, Saint feast days. We'll be joining in on as much as we can with our homeschool group. And doing some of our own 'living' at home.

-keeping house:
Same routine. It works for us so why change it. Not a lot to say here.

-crafting in the kitchen: 
Advent and Christmas mean a lot more baking around here. We spend quite a bit of time in our kitchen. The girls and I have a 'system'. The 9 and 7 year olds are baking more and more independently and any time my 10 year old son asks to make something I say 'yes'. He doesn't naturally have the desire like the girls do, so when he expresses interest I let him lead. I'm not one to force my kids to do 'extras'. I let them take the lead. I don't want them to look back on their childhood and say I MADE them do all these things they didn't like doing. Now, chores and responsibilities- that's different. I'm not even sure yet what to call 'these cases', but I'll think about that.

-loving the moments:
Like I mentioned above we're just enjoying the extra quality time with each other.  Later today the middles and I and some friends and one of my goddaughters are going to see the new Disney movie Frozen. I'm enjoying the present moment and the special times with the kids.

-giving thanks:
For a wonderful Thanksgiving and all the many blessings Our Lord has bestowed on us.

-planning the week ahead: 
Getting ready for our Disney trip! So looking forward to it! Big final steps are being made on the basement projects too. And of course school work needs to be done. Lord help us glorify you in all we do!

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