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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Merry Christmas from our home to yours!

  We're doing this 'different' this year! I'm not against Christmas cards- of course NOT! I just wanted to do something different than the majority of people- this year. So, without further ado…our Christmas 'card'…

                   2013 in 12

We got a little snow in January and 2 of my 'live life to the fullest every chance you get' kids were out having a great time "sledding"…in 2 inches…on a small hill.

#6 learning how to skate thanks to so helpful #1!

#4 performing in the in school feis! She did fabulous!
Irish dancing is a lot of fun to watch!
#5 did well learning to skate.   2/10 #4 pictured with #5 above turned 7 years old!

Daddy/daughter dance with American Heritage Girls! The girls looked lovely in their coordinating sparkly dresses.


Winter often brings us the The Great Wolf lodge for some family time in the 85 degree indoor swim park! We love going here for a long weekend! We've been doing this for about 6 years now. 

#2 turned 10 years old in March. His dessert of choice - the kitchen island set up with bowls of candy! Hey, at least he knows what he likes! 

We got about 4-6" of snow in March! 

A great amount for fort building on the back patio!
Finally it warmed up and #2 started another season of baseball…that's 10 seasons in a row for him. 

And #5 started baseball for the first time!  It was very cute watching him play. 

We had the blessing of being at our home parish the day and moment Pope Francis became Pope. It was so special to be with our Catholic friends/families and our pastor during this moment in history. We are so proud to be Catholic! 3/13/13

Everyone chipped in on a warm early spring day to help build our new garden space. Working outside as a family is one of our favorite things to do. 

As always March brings us many Irish dance shows.  We enjoy going to pubs and all sorts of venue's to watch and support our girls who are part of show class teams. 

A special feast day in our family- St. Joseph!
What a fun day for our boy!

And at the end of March we had the privilege of celebrating 4 years of life with our long prayed for second son! He brings so much joy and fun into our family. His 2 most 'important' birthday requests…donuts for breakfast (no, that whole plate wasn't for him) and bowling as a family with his godfather and his kids.

April brought Easter!! #2 is racing to find eggs in the front yard!
Easter Mass

And April brings spring! And with that soccer begins! #4 really loves playing and she sure has a gift! 

Early in April baseball games began. We're all outside a lot more in the spring! 

#5 was enthusiastic about playing baseball like his big brother. 

They even both have the same number ; )

#2 got to play various positions. He has a gift for playing well in several places on the field.

Watching #4 play soccer is a lot of fun! 

#4 had a beautiful celebration of her First Holy Communion. We love all the traditions our church uses in celebrating the gift of the Sacrament.

Warmer weather means the compost bin and garden were complete and ready to be put to use...

5/22 #3 turned 9 years old and enjoyed her brownies- such a simple request.

Memorial Day all 8 of us at Grandma and Grandpa's house! 

May brought warm enough temps for a swim too! 

The Irish Dance recital is spectacular each year! It's the highlight of the year for our girls.

The end of the year award ceremony meant 2 of our girls crossed over to higher levels as American Heritage girls.

Warm, long days motivated daddy to build a tree fort in the woods with all the kids helping.  Daddy celebrated his birthday and we also gratefully shared an evening out celebrating 13 years of marriage. 

My boys and I got to go to MD one evening for a Red Sox game! 

I was surprised for our anniversary when David sent me through a clues which lead me to this surprise which he drove back from MO. What a gift for our growing family! 

#2 was honored to play on the SYA All Star team. He was the youngest player on the team and the shortest too.  He got a bit of attention for that! ; )

Summer is in full swing now with lots of time at the pool and swim lessons too!

#3 is all ready for our bike ride in the mountains. This July we spent a week in beautiful CO with my parents. 

The beauty of God's creation is so abundant in CO. We truly love visiting there! 

Look at this! Amazing mountain views!

We spent one day at an amusement park. These are our precious children riding this zip line! AHHH!

BIG chair fits the whole gang! What a great day we had!

Good friends of ours invited us to their house on Lake Anna!

We had a blast on their boat, tubing and jet skiing (one of the things on my bucket list)! 

The girls did a horseback riding camp! 
Both of them LOVE animals! 

Last years Christmas gift from Gma and Gpa D was a fun day trip to the Choo Choo Barn! A whole room set up with a bunch of really neat scenes and trains! This was one of #5's favorite scenes. He's standing in front of a window looking in. He was like this the whole way around the room! Glued to the window and in awe!

And after the visit to the train set we went to see Noah at the Sight and Sound theater! It was an amazing retelling of the story in the Bible. We all really enjoyed it!

By summer the creek is warm enough to play in and the kids regularly visit it!

And #1 turned 12 in August too!

The first day of school for #1. Excitement and nervousness! 

DH was on a business trip and this 'guy' got into our house! It's a black rat snake. Thanks to a good friend we were successful in getting him OUT of the house!!!

September brings us back into baseball! Go Phillies!

#3 decided she wanted to try gymnastics this year. 
And #4 was back at soccer with a new league. 

Happy 3rd Birthday, #6!!!

Face painting is a must at the company picnic held at our house each fall!

The girls and I attended a camp out with our AHG troop.  The littles were just their for a while before heading home with DH. 
Good buddies! 

A spontaneous trip to Cox Farms with friends!

It's fall! My favorite time of year! The front tree is gorgeous and fiery red when it's done changing colors.

Halloween 2013

Big brother is a lot of fun! Sliding down the stairs in a sleeping bag? It's a childhood MUST!

#4 was selected for the U8 All Star team. They played well in a really tough tournament.

By November the littles were raring to get going with Preschool. Their enthusiasm motivated me!

The girls can't turn down a fun outside play date organized by #3. Cold and all, but hot chocolate was served too!

Cold temps call for warming our piggies by the fire! I'm so thankful these 2 have each other!
Choosing this years tree!

Our First Sunday of Advent tradition…decorating!

Our focus during Advent.

DH took his annual trip to India. Phone calls from daddy are a treat!

The new laundry room is well underway!

Our pastime in winter…reading good books!

One of the highlights of 2013 year!!! Family vacation to Disney World!!!

Magic Kingdom at night! What a sight!

We got tickets for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party! A special night time event. The park is open to ticket holders  only from 7-11pm! Lines for rides are minimal. So much fun!!!

Our 'friends' (as #6 called them from day 1)!

We saw Cinderella up really close in the Christmas parade. She's #6's favorite princess!

My tea cup buddies while the bigs ride big rides with DH! Aren't they such cuties!

The very last parade we saw. #6 is waving good bye…appropriate since we jumped in the van right after this and headed home. Til next time…will their be a next time? I hope so! We've taken them to DW twice and both times we have had so much fun as a family!!!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! May this season of Joy bring you Peace! God bless all of you in 2014!!!

   The DeWolf 'Pack' ; )

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