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Friday, December 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes vol. 25

THEME of this volume is: 7 of my favorite things about Advent
The start of a new liturgical year! A fresh start! And a new Saint of the Year- to come.  New focus. I just love change and newness!
The way the Church drives home that this time is NOT Christmas. It's a time to prepare our hearts FOR Christmas!
The lighter days of homeschooling. More time for fun and wrapping and baking and memories!
Extra prayers for family and godchildren and friends!
Finding the right gift for everyone. Even though it can sometimes be a challenge I think it's a lot of fun to shop for that special something for each person we buy for and I love watching their face as they open the treasure that we found.
I love a good winter snow. We don't always get it in VA, but when we get a really pretty snow it makes my heart happy! New fresh snow is beautiful…for a while.
More time at home as a family! This is probably the BEST of my favorites…because I just love being home together!

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