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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Tuesday Thankfulness

I'm thankful for…

-a cozy home where I can decide whether to turn the heat up, down or off or the air conditioning up, down or off. Not everyone has that luxury.

-a place to lay my head and tired body at the end of a long day or week (in some cases) that is oh so relaxing and just what I need for me to be a good wife and mommy.

-a daughter who is always the first one to say thank you.

-a son who makes the 'sillies' come out of me and when 'belly laugh' with each other more than I do with any of the other children. That's what he and I need sometimes and it's so much fun! I 'get him' when he's in these moments of super energetic and immature and silly- maybe its because I grew up with 3 brothers who acted the same way. The best part and the thing I'm most thankful for is that it's 'our bonding time' and I'm thankful we have 'that'.

-no babies in diapers! Yes, sometimes (not as much as I thought I would) I miss having an infant in the house, but more often than not it is really nice to be out of that 'high demand' stage.  I'd say we've accepted where we are right now rather nicely.

-the desire to daily surrender to His will for our family. Our only true happiness comes from doing His will. THAT is what I want to be sure to always desire first and foremost for us!

What are you feeling most thankful for today!? Care to share?

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