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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thankful Tuesday

Enjoying the fireplace! Its been SUPER cold 'round here.

In this present moment I'm thankful for…

- the bitter cold outside that is my constant reminder of how I love the coziness inside our home and the safety and warmth we are blessed to have.

- the re-realization the NOTHING is perfect in this life…not ONE single thing…even if something may be perceived to be 'perfect' it is indeed not.  

- for special moments in time with the ones I love most.

- for a light work load in school this week and extra time off for everyone!!!

- for the Sacraments which have given me much Grace this week and for the moments when I've been so blessed to notice the Grace.

- for sleep. Good, sound sleep. I've been using this special cream for about 2 months that my doctor recommended I use. It helps relax the body and help it rest. I never knew I wasn't getting into 'deep sleep' mode before. I just thought I was a mommy and a light sleeper. This stuff has really helped me! 

- for another new day!

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