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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sunday Daybook entry 23

-aware of God's glory:
What glorious colors are going on here in NOVA! God is good! I love fall! Have I mentioned that before!?

-listening to:
The Starbucks 'orchestra'.

-talking with my child/ren about: 
  Yesterday #1 competed in a feis. For my readers who don't know what that is it's an Irish dance competition. You see #1 has been taking Irish dance lessons since she was 5 years old. Since then 2 of my other daughters have started taken lessons and daughter #4 talks about 'when' she can start lessons too.  You could say…it's in the family. I love Irish dance. Nope I NEVER in a million years would have guessed we'd be 'this' into it and I had zero experience with it growing up, but it has been a lot of fun through the years for our family and the school the girls have been at all this time is a wonderful place, 'a light in the darkness' so to speak.  So, back to yesterday, the competition was tough as it always it at the 12-13 yr old age range because their are so many girls competing in that age group. #1 pulls off 2 3rd place medals. Amazed mom! Why? Because you have to know my #1 to 'get' why I was amazed that she did so well.  You see, #1 is my non competitive child (I'm sure I have at least 1 more coming through the line up). And she isn't easily motivated.  As a result of these 2 qualities in her (yes, they can be viewed as qualities in some interpretations) she doesn't 'work hard' to compete, get better, improve, etc.
  Now, back to the subject of this…'talking with my children about'…she and I had some conversations yesterday about DEDICATION. What is it? How does one practice/learn how to be dedicated to something?
  All in all it was good conversation.

-thinking and thinking:
  Pondering parenting and marriage. How to 'do better' at both my vocations.  How to better parent my kids who are growing up and facing new challenges.  And how to work on improving our marriage.  All marriages take work and effort. If we neglect our marriage it will not grow stronger.  Who doesn't want a stronger marriage? The ones who say that, I worry about.

-pondering prayerfully:
  Where are we 'headed' next? What does God want from our family?  Of course, we are living in this present busy time with a house full of still young children. I know that, but we desire to serve Him. We are praying and searching for ways to live the gospel in a way that is unique for our family.

-finding rhythm:  
  Fall is actually more than half way over.  Our new rhythm is beginning to unfold. I think I've mentioned before the life with a large family is an ever changing rhythm.  Knowing when and how to find that rhythm brings more peace.  Being organized is one of the keys to finding the rhythm in family life.  Baseball has ended, and so has volleyball.  Soccer has changed from rec league playing to all star team practices and preparations for a tournament coming up.  Piano lessons continue and the girls LOVE their teacher.  School is rolling. The 1st quarter is behind us both at home and in Catholic school.  The clocks have 'fallen back' and we are preparing for yet another change in seasons.

-creating by hand: 
  My readers, you won't believe what I'm about to tell you. I actually have something to share in this part of my post!!! Last week I bought yarn and needles so I can teach myself and my girls how to knit.  That's going to be our 'winter' project! I've been taught the basics from my friend Lisa.  She moved to Alaska though so I have to 'move on' without her and try to learn more skills and practice without her motivation. Hard! Anyway, I love the idea of being able to knit and use my hands to create beautiful gifts and treasures! So, wish us luck!!!

-learning lessons in: 
  How to adjust back and forth between 'gone husband' and 'here husband'.  Having my DH travel a lot over the past 6 weeks has made me realize how challenging it can be to have him gone so much because quite honestly we kinda get use to it.  Then when he returns I have to remember he is my helpmate, my teammate, my friend and when he's home I can't just proceed with running kids around and managing the home 'issues' without him.  He and I are one! Thank God for this gift in marriage! We are a fabulous team when we are a TEAM!
-begging prayers:
  For marriages we know about that are severely struggling.  We have several families in our Church community that are being torn apart by the Evil One. He is fiercely at work- all the time, but for some reason very recently he has been successful.

-living Liturgy:
  This week has been alive with liturgical celebrations. All Hallows Eve, All Saints day and All Souls day! Whew! I'm kinda feeling a need to 'recover'.

-keeping house:
  Yay! This week I'm bringing in the artillery! For the last 2 months once a month I have help with deep cleaning. Love it! What a gift! Friday is our day! We'll leave for club day for several hours and come back when the cleaners are finished.

-crafting in the kitchen: 
  Today we'll make a batch of muffins for the week.  Maybe the girls will want to bake something else. We'll see.  My meal plan is made for the next 10 days! I'm feeling ahead.

-loving the moments:
  Grateful for the special times I've caught a glimpse of DH spending quality time with each child. Melts my heart. We are most in tune to those times and most grateful for those times when DH is gone more and then comes home.  My prayer is that we can have these times and cherish them just as much when he's traveling a lot as when he's not traveling so much.

-giving thanks:
  Oh so much to be thankful for and it's November so these few weeks are leading up to the BIG DAY of thanks!  God has been so good to us!

-planning the week ahead: 
  Life goes on without DH, of course.  Activities this week include: a playdate, voting, dance lessons, baseball lessons, gymnastics, soccer make up practice, piano lessons, carpool driving, home schooling…

I am MOM!

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