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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Moving into another new chapter. Schooling 5!

  Some of my very favorite moments in homeschooling are and always will be the time spent teaching my PreK and K age kids'  lessons. I've always enjoyed schooling the little guys the most! Why!? Because it's just so simple and fun! I'm a crafty person, so PreK and K activities are right up my 'alley'.

  It's fun to me to choose a theme and come up with a variety of activities to go along with the theme. I just love that! And there is so much online to use as a supplement to whatever I choose. There's so much online that it can be somewhat overwhelming in fact. I've narrowed down the main blogs/websites that I use for support. 

  My husband and I have never been the type to 'force' our kids to do things they aren't personally ready for or interested in on their own.  You could say we let them lead the way in that sense.  Recently, my 3 and 4 year olds are really getting 'into' school. They both have started asking to do 'their school' which is my cue to get out their books and their activities. Prior to their interest in sitting down to practice writing and pre-phonics they mainly wanted to color and play. Now they're wanting more and I'll gladly give them what they're asking for because I love teaching this age and I love their enthusiasm. They are indeed little sponges! 

#6 is a righty

#5 is a lefty

We work a lot on motor skills- gross and fine- rolling the play doh is a good exercise.

  So, we're shifting gears a little bit.  We've been gradually heading in this 'preK' direction but now with the expressed desire for more 'formality' we will change up our days a bit. Each week we'll start with a introduction to our letter of the week. Each one will make a letter book. We'll use a few books to practice writing and coloring and fine motor control. They both already know their colors, shapes and basic numbers and how to write their names, so we need to move beyond that quickly.

  Here we go…I'm looking forward to including these 2 in more formal learning.  

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