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Friday, November 29, 2013

7 Quick Takes vol. 23

I enjoy picking a theme for my 'quick takes post', so today's theme is The 7 Best Things About THIS Thanksgiving…they're in no particular order.

All of our local family made it out to our house. Plus we had a guest family of 6 (newborn baby boy included) join us. It was a lot of fun to host and it felt nice to have a family with 'no other place to go' join us too.

I didn't take a single picture, sadly, but I had to mention the whip cream fight between my oldest and her godfather that made me smile ; ) And the 'grab the Doritos bag from daddy' war that ensued between my oldest son and his cousin. They REALLY wanted to dominate the Doritos!!! I love playful 'attacks' between kids and parents for some reason. Maybe because that's what kind of thing use to happened growing up in my family.

The meal was fabulous and really easy to make mainly because everyone brought contributions. We had so much food and not a TON of leftovers. We were also able to send our guests who just had a new baby home with a meal!

GAMES!! The men were into to the football games. The women were into Scattergories and Up and Down the River (a fun card game). I enjoy playing games more now that I ever did. I think because playing a game and having fun with it is mainly part of just committing to DO IT. It's my opinion (formed after many years of marriage) that most people don't play games because they can't get over that initial hump of setting it up, mentally and physically.

Cousin time. We are so blessed to have 6 of our cousins just 30 min. down the road. My kids LOVE playing with their cousins and they all get along really well. My kids don't know the gift they REALLY have. I mean they know they love their cousins and that they are some of their best friends, but not until they (sad but true) move on in the world and are then separated by miles most of the time…THEN they will really appreciate the blessing they had growing up. I look forward to conversations when they're grown about the memories and such. Ah, family! Sigh! When you grow up without grandparents and cousins (like I did)…you KNOW the gift!!

As much as we LOVE hosting…we LOVE the end too! Why? Because its tiring and by the end we're ready to tuck the kiddos and bed and 'hit the hay' ourselves. We crashed last night. Thankfully, our family members are so helpful so the clean up was very simple.

The day after Thanksgiving in our house= sleeping in, playing and online shopping for Christmas. I'm by far AHEAD this year in my Christmas shopping. All our cousin gifts are done! And half of our immediate family gifts are at least in the Amazon shopping cart. My main motivation this year, honestly, has been the fact that we leave in 10 days for Disney World!! We are soooo excited for our trip!!! We're taking necessary steps before we leave to ensure that it's a stress free, worry free trip. Now, of course, I'm a realist…so I know that simply the fact we're going to Disney with 6 children ages 3-12 will mean that we'll encounter typical large family 'stuff' along the way, but I'm talking about being ahead at home so that when we leave this cozy comfy place for a week…we'll come back and pick up where we left off- minus the unpacking that we'll have to do.

And, today is project day! Our basement project is well underway. Today the flooring is getting put down. While progress is being made there we are doing an overhaul on our master closet. We are switching side because I have a new area for dresses to be hung. And we are purging. We'll be making a trip to Salvation Army or The House of Mercy tomorrow. It feels good to be working hard!

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