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Friday, November 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes vol. 21

  I LOVE it when my DH comes up with surprises for me like he did last night! The fact that he thinks to surprise me and the things he comes up with that I would never in a million years guess…sigh…I'm blessed that he gives to me/us in this way! Thank you DH! The girls room looks awesome!!!
  I LOVE Friday! The kids are still sleeping! The school work will be light. The morning will be slow yet still productive.  Friday means a bit of a 'break' for us- gotta love that caught up, take it slow kinda day.  This weekend is going to be FUN!!! I'm looking forward to everything on our calendar! And I'm also grateful we have down time with family planned. I like weekends that are a good mix of activities and family time.  Then when Monday rolls around I don't feel like we didn't have a weekend…as long as we strike a balance. (I say that a lot, so if you're new to my blog get use to me talking about balance.)
  I have a stack of books I want to read! But I'm terrible at picking up a book to read it when I have the quiet time.  I usually choose to do whatever/something else.  I've recently rediscovered and I'm getting 'back' into listening to books.  I can listen to a book and cook dinner or drive kids to activities or wait for kids during activities. It's a more 'flexible' way of getting the 'book read'.  It works for me.  Yes, I enjoy the 'hard copy' of the book better, but at this present moment in life…listening is more conducive.
  Last night I was reminded of a big blessing I have that I sometimes take for granted. Friends! A friend of mine hosted a Mom's Night Out at her house last night. There were about 10 ladies who were able to make it.  As I was sipping wine and just hanging out it dawned on me 'I miss this ladies!' I don't get to see them often enough. Usually when I see them it's in passing through the church hallways or driving by in the carpool line at school.  But a get together last night just opens my eyes to the gift we have in our community.  Like minded, fun, striving for holiness women! Faithful friends!
  A picture to...

…make you smile! 

     I miss my garden! Its been so cold! When I look out my kitchen window my eyes are drawn to our garden and I miss it! I can't wait to plan next years garden and learn more about gardening. It's such a fun thing for all of us!

  Have a lovely weekend! Make sure to take time to just BE- be present in this moment!
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