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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday Thankfulness

  Sigh. I'm thankful for so much! Really! When I think about how blessed we are I am filled with thankfulness. So much thankfulness that my heart literally feels like it's pumping harder and faster. Strange, I know, but I can't help but think it's a 'symptom' of the thankfulness I'm feeling RIGHT NOW. This day! This moment!

  I'm a list girl and typically a woman of few words. (ha, funny thing I have a blog eh!? Yep, I sometimes agree, but my blog is not wordy MOST days. I post a lot of pics for family and friends near and far.)

  My list of things I'm thankful in this present moment...

1. That my kids are healthy and growing! Boy do they 'put away' the food these days.

2. That homeschooling works for us and so does 'brick and mortor' school! There are pros and cons to both. We recognize them both because we live it! Make sense!?

3.  For tucking my kids in at night and having individual age appropriate conversations with them. Tonight the 3 year old tells me I can't 'dress up' like a mommy for Halloween. I need to be a butterfly with her. ; ) And #4 and I have a conversation and special prayer about her need to try harder to share her feelings and not bury them inside.

4.  For the fact that I miss my husband. He has been traveling a whole lot. I'm holding down the fort well, but I miss him terribly.  I can't wait til we all get a break from the traveling. Home is where he belongs!

5. For growth through spiritual direction.

6. For the colors and smells of fall.

7. For girlfriends who inspire and motivate me! Along the same line I'm thankful for friends who are real, meaning they are comfortable with who they are and they are honest.

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