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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Totally Tuesday

It's Tuesday and I can hardly believe it, so I'm writing this post because I'm catching up.

The weekend was UBER a good way...I've always said I'd rather be busy than bored. I learned that first hand when I was in high school and one summer I worked at a Wendy's in Colorado just down the road from my parents ranch. THAT Wendy's was the highest volume Wendy's in the US at the time. Why? you ask. Well, because of it's location. It was right off the highway and on the way into and out of the mountains. So, daily hundreds (maybe thousands- I don't even know) of people would stop there to eat. Man oh, man, did I ever stay busy while working there. And EVER shift blew by so fast.  Every once in a while I'd have a 30 hour break from the business...for re-stocking and cleaning...and the time went soooo slow! I hated it! Ahhh! All that to say, I learned that summer just how much better (in my humble opinion) it is to be busy rather than bored.

Why was the weekend so busy!? Well, Saturday was filled with games and practices and activities: volleyball practice(#1), soccer pictures and soccer game (#4), baseball game(#2) and AHG campout(#1). Sounds like a lot right? Ha, on top of all that, it was the day for our annual company family picnic. Yep! We had 75+ people in our backyard having a great time...and I was popping in and out taking kids to activities. It was AWESOME!!! I loved it! I love being busy and I love taking my kids places. Not just ANY place, but places they LOVE to be! Saturday was a great day! 

Sunday was another good day because as much as I LOVE being busy I also LOVE having down time as a family. THAT's what we did on Sunday!

And here we are at Tuesday. DH and I leave in a short while for the rest of the week at our alma mater.  I can't wait for time with my husband, my parents and our friends! Lots to be thankful for! 

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