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Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Halloween Line Up

   Halloween can be simple fun! That's what our family has decided to make it. We aid the children in choosing fun, innocent things to be and just have fun with the night. Yes, the culture speaks evil, gross ways of celebrating All Hallows Eve, but WE are going against the culture and we are a witness when we are out walking through the neighborhood streets. An example of how to live a Christian life in this world

   So, without further ado the children have put on their creative 'hats' and are ready to dress up this week.
#1- a mime
#2- SI from Duck Dynasty (this is crackin' me up)
#3- Punky Brewster (a personal childhood favorite. I even had 'Punky' high tops at one point.)
#4- Annie Oakley (this child of ours LOVES everything horse/cowgirl. She chose a very 'fitting' character to be.)
#5- an army guy
#6- a butterfly

    I always encourage the kids to choose things from around the house to use as their 'props' and 'costume' materials. This helps make the whole deal a bit easier on me, 'mom'. I will take the kids out to buy minimal things like face paint, a hat or whatever but we really try to keep it simple and fun. Watch out for pictures some time on Friday. Here are some pictures from last year!

The Boys
The girls as the Loin and Scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz.
#6 my cupcake with a cherry on top! 
#1 and her good friend as the Wicked Witch and Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz. 

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