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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Daybook entry 22

One year ago...

-aware of God's glory: 
Fall! Glorious fall! We're in the midst of it! We are all enjoying the cool temps, fresh air, colors of yellow, red and orange all around us.  Todays sky is clear and blue.  We are in for a 'treat' of a day.
Thank you, Lord!

-listening to:
Orders being placed at Starbucks and no music today. Strange. I wonder why?

-talking with my child/ren about: 
We had a long conversation with #1 last night. A lesson in time management needed to be learned. It turned into an hour and a half conversation.  Lots more than time management stuff was said that needed to be said. Praying more was heard than I assume was heard.  I enjoy these time of 'big kid' conversation, but I often ask myself if I say too much. I remember these sorts of talks with my own parents. 'rolling eyes'

-thinking and thinking:
Where will we 'go wrong' as parents.  We know we aren't doing everything right.  We pray our kids don't suffer too much from our mistakes.  Ugh. Why do we have to make mistakes in this area?  Can't God fill in in the areas where we fail?

-pondering prayerfully: 
How do we encourage our children to make our faith their own? How do we help them develop their own relationship and friendship with Christ without annoyingly forcing them to 'do it'.

-finding rhythm:  
As of yesterday, volleyball is over. A little more time is freed up each week. So, we adjust our schedule a bit.  We are constantly adjusting things because life is always changing.

-creating by hand: 
Mainly meals.  My hands are useful in many ways.  My desire to be 'creative' is there and always will be, but right family needs me to use my hands to prepare healthy food and memories and put good meals on the table.  Yes, Lord!
-learning lessons in: 
 Planning.  It is very important to have a meal plan each week.  I've been married 13 years and I still struggle with getting it all planning ahead of time.  My motivation is the fact that our week goes much smoother when I do plan meals, but for some reason sitting down and doing it is never high enough on my list of 'to do's' to get it done.  Working on that!

-encouraging learning:
 Our school area is moving to another place in our house.  We are having an unfinished area of our house constructed into a new laundry room and a small chapel (2 different areas).  I'm preparing myself for the process to be slow because I've heard how 'these things go'.  So, while schooling won't be will be different...and we'll adjust.

-begging prayers:
For my brother and his family...they're really going through hard times.  Lord, help them find answers to their many situations.

For marriages in our own community that are struggling.  For the men and women who are hurting and being hurt.  Lord, heal the pain of those going through divorce and comfort them.  And Lord, help married couples find the tools to strengthen their love for Christ and for each other.

-living Liturgy: 
It's challenging to teach kids to love (even like) going to mass.  They're little, they're human, they're sinners.  They want to sleep in and be lazy on Monday morning, but we drive the carpool and the school has all students mass before starting their week.  My kids NEVER want to go, but they don't have a choice.  It's hard to hear them say they don't want to go to mass.  As the mom, I want them to want to be with Our Lord and receive extra Grace, but I know they're young and the have to get 'there' (to that point in their conversion) to be able to say that on their own.  Lord, please place the stepping stones in their walk way to lead them to deeper conversion.

-keeping house:
We have a couple rooms that are a mess because construction is starting.  It's bothersome, but I'm accepting it because we don't have a choice right now. We're getting rid of toys.  We have too many, too much that the kids never play with and I'm tired of storing them and having them take up so much room. Gone! Some other child will benefit!

-crafting in the kitchen: 
What should I make prep for next weeks meals!? That is the question.

-loving the moments:
When he's home! DH has been traveling a LOT lately. I am thankful for his time home. I'm absorbing these moments and 'storing' the time away because when he leaves I need the 'stored up' to get me through.

-giving thanks:
For the days when we're family. The times when we're cheering for a sibling/child on the sidelines.  The times when we are playing a game or watching a show and snuggled in on the sofa.  The nights when all are tucked in bed by 9:30pm. Safe. Sleeping. Dreaming. And we know where they are. They're with us! They're cozy, warm, peaceful and they're loved beyond their knowing.  I know times will not always be like this and I'm thankful for the grace that helps me notice these moments and take them in- never to forget.

-planning the week ahead: 
He and I have discussed our tactics. We're ready for busy! We're ready to get through the week peacefully and have fun while doing it!

It's time for new family pics. I took this one last year. 

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