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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Daybook entry 21

Super proud of #4. She just got invited to play at a local Soccer Academy and then also on the U8 All Star team! She's amazing with her feet. Irish Dance lessons have been great training for soccer- who would have known?!

-aware of God's glory:
Even though its been raining a lot we can still see God's glory.  It doesn't go away! When the skies are grey and the rain is off and on for days...he is still all around us...even in the darkness. I will not lose sight of Him.

-listening to:
Groovy 70's style music. Yes, in Starbucks.

-talking with my child/ren about: 
Friendship. What are the qualities of a true friend?

-pondering prayerfully:
Where does God want to use us? Our family? Our marriage? Where can we be His hands and His feet? Lord show us your way. Show us your will. And please make it obvious, so we don't miss your guidance in our business.

-finding rhythm:  
We have finally started settling into our 'new school year' rhythm.  Its a good feeling to have the peace that comes from knowing what the week will look like and how it will unfold.

-creating by hand: 
 For the first time in a long time I'm scrapbooking.  My oldest is working on a school project and it involves making a small scrapbook.  Oh, to have the time to do more of this creative stuff.

-learning lessons in: 
Parenting. Aren't we all.  I see us beginning to transition from what my older sister in law said was the difference between parenting little kids and big kids...when they're little it's physically exhausting, but when they're big it's emotionally exhausting.  We are entering the 'emotionally exhausting' yet we still have many years of the physically exhausting ahead of us.  Lord, give us the Grace and strength we need to raise these beautiful children to love you, make their faith truly their own and love their family.  To love, without condition!

-encouraging learning:
  Don't tell me computers are 'bad'. Don't tell me to stay away. There is so much learning that can be done on the computer. When I'm busy working one on one with a big kid my little kids learn a lot from apps and such.  My 4 1/2 year old is learning how to make his letters using the Handwriting Without Tears App. Love it! You should see him write!!! He's a lefty too and I had nothing to do with his learning to write...yet! ; )

-begging prayers:
For the friend of a good friend who was in a serious car accident recently and has a long road of physical and mental recovery ahead.

-living Liturgy:
I pray for the discipline that I need to keep prayer, liturgy and the Sacraments a central part of our lives.

-crafting in the kitchen: 
Fall brings the desire to bake!!! And I want to use pumpkin in everything!

-loving the moments:
Of success in my kids' life.  Good grades, physical achievements, making new friends, learning to grow up and be more independent...THESE are the days!

-giving thanks:
For a wonderful 3 days away with my DH.  Heading back to our alma mater is always such fun. It truly is a place with both dearly love.  Being there is like being home.  Even though we've been away for more than a decade...we return to find renewed conversion, wisdom and holiness every where, peace in prayer, renewed true's always a blessed time. AND the children were happy and well taken care of at home! Thanks, Mom and Dad D!!

-planning the week ahead: 
Sadly, DH will be away all week. Flying solo is one of the hardest things in my life right now. I really don't enjoy it, but I've learned to cope and deal with it.  I try hard to have a good attitude and not let myself get down and grumpy about the reality that DH has to travel a lot right now because the hardest part of him traveling isn't the fact he isn't here physically and emotionally for all the things I need him for, but it's really the hardest when the kids seem to struggle with it.  I just pray!!

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