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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Daybook entry 20

Apple picking with our good friends last year! I'm dying to go this year! One of my fav. family traditions.

-aware of God's glory: The Awakening Fest last night was a wet one- to say the least, but this morning is so sunny and beautiful. The trees in our area are beginning to change colors.  And after the rain the green colors of the grass and evergreens are amazing. Beauty after a storm...that's what I'm aware of this morning.

-listening to: Some funky jazz music at 'the bucks'. The sounds of coffee being made. It's nuts how much $ this place makes everyday. All on coffee!?

-talking with my child/ren about: Our conversations lately have been kinda random. On Friday #3 says to me 'mom, how much longer does Obama have as President?' My response was 'too long.' I'm glad they realize (on their own kid level) that he's doing a pathetic job and he's making a lot of wrong decisions.

-thinking and thinking: #1 is making some great new friends at her new school. I'm so thankful for good families, raising good kids, and teaching them how to be Catholic in all things. I've been thinking about how important it is for our kids to develop these kinds of friendships/relationships and how we need to help give them the opportunities they need to develop them and we need to also help them navigate the good and tough times. All relationships have tough times...we are responsible for helping our kids through it, but they don't always want help, so that gets kinda 'tricky'. ; )

-pondering prayerfully: How to be the non-teacher to #1. Its been a transition for both she and I. I'm NOT her teacher and she doesn't WANT me to be right now. We've but heads a bit through the first few weeks, so my new 'resolution' is 'I will help you study if you want, but you need to come to me and ask for help.' She hasn't liked it when I've offered help freely. ; )

-finding rhythm:  In daily life! Carpooling is such a blessing! What would we do if we didn't have our carpool set up? I'd be in the car so much more!!! And the 2 families we share drives with are amazing! Its been a lot of fun getting to know them. I can't wait to get to know them more.

-creating by hand: Muffins!!! and more Muffins!!!
-learning lessons in: Letting go. #1 is getting so big and I'm enjoying letting her spread her wings more and more. So far, so good. She's a good kid! Our family is blessed to have her 'blazing the trail'. And #3 and #4 are growing up a lot in their own ways. Navigating these 2 is tricky, but I enjoy the challenge. #3 is my 'strong willed, always has something to say kid'- NOT my personality type at all. #4 is trying to understand and figure out 'who she is' in our family.  She can be really hard on herself and pretty negative.  But she is an amazing athlete and I think THAT is what is going to give her the boost she needs. It's fun learning about each kid! I REALLY do enjoy it.

 -encouraging learning: #'s 2 and 3 have been taking an online class in writing. It's sort of a 'crash course', meaning it's once a week for 1 month and it gets us going using the IEW method of writing. I've been impressed with their hard work and dedication. Especially #2! And it's not an easy class, but they've really been putting forth great effort.
-begging prayers: For God's will in our family life.  Several opportunities have come up in the last 2 weeks. Opportunities for us to help others in need.  Lord guide us!

-living Liturgy: We've been able to attend more than one daily mass in the last couple of weeks and I've noticed a difference. One, there's been generally more peace and obedience. Two, the younger kids are doing even better at sitting through mass without too much noise and wiggling involved. Yay!!

-keeping house: I feel blessed. DH just said I could start using our cleaners again!!! So, once a month they will come and do a deep clean for me! The kids and I will leave for the am. Go to mass and clubs and lunch and then come home to a super clean house.  Thank you, DH, for this gift! In between the deep cleans we have a rotating chore system that works, but you know...the blinds, the fan blades and that sort of stuff doesn't get done often enough. This will for sure help those nooks and crannies to NOT get overlooked.

-crafting in the kitchen: Muffins! Muffins! Fall baking! Muffins! We've been doing a lot of baking and making 'kitchen messes' lately. I've really enjoyed using Sundays to get ready for the week ahead.  Baking muffins, prepping for dinners, etc. It really makes the meals for the week so much easier. And I love that time of good bonding and yummy smells while just hanging out, watching football and spending time with extended family.

-loving the moments: I had lots of great moments with my 3 younger kids last night. #4 and I cuddled up on the sofa in our comfy clothes and with a nice big warm blanket and watched Felicity, the American Girl movie, together.  #4 LOVES horses, so this movie was a great pick for last nights 'together time'.  I don't snuggle with #4 enough.  Plan to do that more.  The 4 of us enjoyed popcorn, chocolate cake or ice cream and a couple episodes of the littles' favorites too. All in all, it was a great night being present to them!
Sisters! A love/hate kind of relationship. Working on more love than hate! ; )

-giving thanks: For my DH! He's one amazing dad! He comes up with super fun plans and he conquers them! I'm so impressed that he thought to take our oldest 3 and their friends to the Awakening Fest last night.  What a treat for all! And despite the rain, I've heard nothing but good reports of the fun they had! For sure they've all made memories together that they'll never forget. Thank you, DH, for being a terrific dad in so many ways. We are blessed by you!

-planning the week ahead: Our schedule is a bit busy this next week. So was last week, but the beautiful thing is how DH and I have been working as a team.  No one has missed anything!!! And both he and I really enjoy watching the kids in their different activities. It's actually really hard for either of us to miss watching one of the kids in a game or be there for an activity (if parents are allowed), but of course their are certain times when we have to split up.

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