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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Daybook entry 19

-aware of God's glory: Fall is in full swing. Trees are changing. The weather rocks. All this beauty for US! Our creator is bringing us joy and blessings this day! All days really! Receive it!

-listening to: Starbucks 'noise'. Not good, or bad.

-talking with my child/ren about: Responsibility. They're learning that becoming responsible is a learning process and that with it comes freedom and independence.

-thinking and thinking: About how busy we've been. Is it ok? Is it not ok? Well, we aren't going to 'ruin' anyone. The fact is we have a big family. The kids have the desire to try new things, get better at 'old things' and simply just 'be involved'. I don't see anything 'wrong' with all that.  The only issue I have is that being gone from home in the afternoons/evenings is sometimes hard to deal with in a peaceful way.  My saving grace is the fact that the busiest time of year for us is the first 6-8 weeks of the school year.  Once we get to mid to late October everything slows down a lot. 6-8 weeks of a bit of craziness is NOT going to wreck our family!

-pondering prayerfully: How we can help out a young family who lost all they had in a fire last week.

-finding rhythm:  I have yet to re-enter chores into our weekly chore chart.  When my #1 started school and is no longer 'part of the equation' during am chores I knew I needed to re-work our system. Why its taken me so long to do something so simple...that's the strange part!

-creating by hand: Ha ha! I laugh! There is no time for 'creating by hand' these days. I'm starting to think the time for things like this will come once my children are raised and out of the house! That's ok! My time is best spent right now- being present to them in ALL their needs- on all their levels.

-learning lessons in: Not being my #1's teacher anymore.  She doesn't want my help. I need to step back and allow her to learn how to keep up with her studies and NOT try to control her planning and organizing.  She has been told to come to me whenever she needs and I will help her however I can, but I will not do the 'coming to'.  She may have to learn the 'hard way', but this what she wants right now.

-encouraging learning: Home schooling has been going really well. Our am hours from 9-noon have been very productive and because my kids are so motivated by 'getting done' we have been able to keep on task and meet our weekly goals.

-begging prayers: For my brother and his family as they settle back into life in Texas and as he seeks the right treatment for Lyme's disease.

-living Liturgy: We've made it to more daily masses this week than ever and its been a good thing!

-keeping house: Whew, it's so easy with a full house to get behind. Why is it we spend so much time each day just picking up 'stuff'.  I think I need to have a better system for having 1 or 2 times a day when the kids run through each room and pick up 'stuff'. Why am I doing most of it!? I'm not making those messes.  I think I do the picking up more than them sometimes because when they're playing nicely or are even outside playing I enjoy the quiet and don't want to disrupt it, so at that point it's easier in many ways for me to do the cleaning up, but what am I teaching them when I do that!? THAT'S the question!

-crafting in the kitchen: My meal plan is done!!
Monday: Taco salad
Tuesday: Dinner Done- DH and I made pre made meals for the freezer through a local company before school started. Several couples went to this place called Dinner Done. We prepped the meals. We throw them in the freezer and we pull one out when needed. These are especially great on nights when we're running to activities. A nice meal can be easily made and my 9-12 year olds can make the sides and monitor the baking in the oven while I run places. It works for us!
Wednesday: Chicken Caesar Salad
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Rice and Beans (we do meatless Friday's to remind us of Christ's Passion)
Saturday: Manicotti

-loving the moments: I love celebrating birthdays! We celebrated #6's bday yesterday. We are blessed to share all these special times as a family.

-giving thanks: For this morning's coffee date with my DH and that he had a safe trip last week.  Sigh. Absence make the heart grow true that statement is! And I'd add 'absence make the heart more grateful.'

-planning the week ahead: Another busy week ahead.  Volleyball games are in full swing. So are baseball games. Thankfully soccer games are on Saturday's only.  Wednesday night is our first ever Back to School night. Anxious to meet the teachers my #1 has been talking about for weeks!

Have a great week everyone!
Siblings! Can you see the one cat laying on the other!? Look in the far left...2 little ears. So cute! They're cozy! 

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