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Sunday, September 01, 2013

Sunday Daybook entry 18

-aware of God's glory: The leaves are started to change color on some of the 'early' trees. Fall in VA is a thing of beauty.

-listening to: some sort of crazy music at Starbucks. I don't even know what to call it. It almost sounds Egyptian. Seriously? 

-talking with my child/ren about: Choices. The choices we make have consiquences- either good or bad. #1 really wants to be on the Jr. High volleyball team. Let me start by saying she is NOT our competitive one. Yesterday the coach tells the girls he only has 14 game jerseys so he'll have to make some cuts. There are about 21 or so girls who have come to practice the last 2 times. I know because I'm actually the assistant coach this year. ; ) So, #1's response to the thought that she might not make the team...'if I don't make it then I will just find something else to do.' WHAT!? Says this mom full of competitive blood! How do you just 'say that'? I of course encouraged her to stick with the 'B team' and learn the fundamentals really well so that in 8th grade she'd have a good chance at making the A team. She says 'Why do I put myself through the 'misery' of practice for NOTHING?' First of all, practice isn't 'misery' that's just my #1's drama shining through. Secondly, the coach said he could demote and/or promote players. There you have it! She may not make the A team this year, but I've seen her play and she's right on the edge. She isn't the worst player. You know, this is a great example of how when your child starts to grow into an adult you have to let them fly 'their way' and you can't make all the decisions for them all the time. I really hope if she doesn't make the team she doesn't give up.

-thinking and thinking: 2 parties in 2 days. Hoping I have everything we need! Happy Labor Day weekend, all! 

-pondering prayerfully:  our travel plans over the next year. Disney? or not this year? CA next summer or not? There's a really neat looking boys camp we're looking at sending our #2 too. And then possibly extending that into a week of vacation- The Redwood Forest, Disneyland, maybe Napa Valley- all with friends! Ooohh! It sounds so fabulous right now!

-finding rhythm:  school routine, sports practices and games, carpool, all of it! Finding our rhythm in this new school year. So far, so good!

-creating by hand: grill food! The best of summer cooking! With fall knocking on our door the grill will be used a lot less. Kinda a bummer.
-learning lessons in: talking less. Or at least holding my tongue and thinking about what's about to come out of my mouth before I 'let it go'. Self control. Prudence. Hard for this momma and her gang.
-encouraging learning: We made lots of good progress in our home school last week. I was most proud of my 3 and 4 year olds. They were so eager to learn. I started Right Start math with them. The program has always intrigued me AND scared me. It's super mom intense- that's the scary part. But it's also got great reviews because the foundation that it lays is remarkable. So, here we go...nothing like starting a whole new 'deal' with my last 2!
-begging prayers: The fact that Kindergarten just 'aint what it use to be' is killing me. Sex ed? Really!? The poor innocence of our children that is always under attack. I just had 'the talk' with my 12 year old a week ago! And to start it I asked her a few questions to see where she was at...she's my non-thinker and non question asker. Her innocence at age 12 is beautiful. THAT is what I'm talking about people. THAT is one of the beauties of home schooling. 5 year old children are not supposed to know it ALL. They are babies! I'll admit 12 is considered a little late. However, she asks no questions and she isn't 'out in the world' like normal 12 year olds, so we held off. Her starting school meant the talk needed to happen so she heard it from us first. But if she hadn't been going to school we would have done it anyway. It was time.  Pray for the innocence of children to be protected not attacked. 

-living Liturgy:  Lord, help me entry in and be filled with you at each mass, in each moment of prayer and throughout each Sacrament. Your Grace is ALL I need!

-keeping house: still re-working the chore charts. I was a little nervous that having #1 gone all day would 'feel harder' around the house. But the rest of the gang just stepped up and filled in the holes. Ah, big family blessings! 

-crafting in the kitchen: Honestly, I'm just trying to keep my head above water so to speak. Meal planning is key, but I struggle to get it all written out in time.  When I have a plan it works, but when I don't the lack of peace and a plan mess me up.

-loving the moments: getting to know #1 more through her school experiences. Who does she sit by? What classes does she like and why? This week she talked a lot. She had a lot to share. Thankfully.
-giving thanks: For a great 'first week'! And looking ahead to the next week with joy! 

-planning the week ahead: We have the game schedules for baseball, soccer and volleyball. #3 is starting gymnastics. It's a busy time of year for our kiddos. I love it! I love watching them play sports! And I love talking with them through the ups and downs. I lived that! I get that!

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